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Your Exclusive Look Into the Making of Our New Podcast — and How You Can Use It to


Attract New Leads By Crystal Lizama

In case you haven’t heard, our new podcast is about to make its way to town.

Then, in a random brainstorming session, it hit us.

What if we just let our guests tell their own stories? And what if those stories could inspire our listeners to take their health and fitness seriously?

In 2009, Fit Body Boot Camp was just an idea in Bedros Keuilian’s head. In 2010, that idea turned into one of the first fitness boot camps to be run indoors. Fast forward to 2018. Fit Body boasts over 550 locations and changes hundreds of lives through fitness every day. Client transformations are what we take the most pride in, but a little recognition is never a bad thing. When Entrepreneur ranked us as the 350th best franchise in the country, we saw it as confirmation that the franchising and fitness services we provide are world-class. Entrepreneur received hundreds of applications from the most popular franchises across the country. The magazine then ranked the 500 best franchises to invest in across all industries, considering factors like initial investment cost, growth rate, and in-house support. Fit Body offers one of the lowest buy-in rates in the franchising industry; just head over to Entrepreneur’s list to see for yourself. Our place in the rankings is “Beyond the Scale” puts a different spin on health and fitness, interviewing guests from all walks of life who all have one thing in common: They changed their lives for the healthier. Just like our guests, it’s been a journey to turn this show into something we’re proud of. Here’s a peek into the making of Fit Body’s very first lead-generating podcast. When Bedros had the idea of starting an FBBC podcast, he first turned to me, Crystal Lizama, and my trusty partner in crime, Brittany Carter. I’m Fit Body’s executive director of operations and compliance, and if there’s one thing I love to do, it’s set and accomplish big goals. But this was something new. There was no template to go off of, and I had never worked on a podcast before, let alone produced one. Don’t get me wrong — I thought it was a fantastic idea. Still, I wondered, “Where do we get started?” My first move was to bring on Brittany as the host of the show. I knew that her energy was exactly what the show needed, but she had never done anything like this, either. While the BTS team began to take shape, the direction of the podcast was still a work in progress. There was something missing, but none of us knew what it was.

That was our angle. Now we had to bring the show to life.

Lincoln once said that if he had nine hours to chop down a tree, he’d spend the first six sharpening his axe. Our team spent plenty of time sharpening our axes, so to speak. Before we filmed our first episode, we went through hours of outlining, guest research, booking, and run-throughs. That was frustrating, but I would not let the show debut until I felt confident that both the Fit Body family and potential owners alike could learn something from it. On the plus side, it’s a real treat watching Brittany grow on camera. I admire how much she puts herself out there to connect with each guest — that’s really what our culture as a whole is all about. If there’s one thing I hope you take away from this podcast, it’s that we do everything we can to drive more leads into your boot camp. Your clients will receive life-changing tips and stories to inspire them to act. As for the conversations that Brittany has with each guest, we hope that you can have that same level of trust with each of your clients. And who knows, one of your clients might even be the next person to appear on the show. More info on that soon!

“Beyond the Scale” releases soon!



even more impressive when you consider how young our franchise is. In just seven years, we’ve already outranked Yogurtland, Hot Dog on a Stick, and Super 8, all franchises that have been around much longer than us. Bedros sees these accolades as a byproduct of FBBC’s ultimate mission: to serve the world through fitness. “You only achieve goals like this when you have a business model that works,” Bedros says. “That’s the way I look at it. We offer life-changing results through our fitness training, and we bring on owners that can deliver those results to as many people as possible.” Yes, a lot of that has to do with our extremely affordable buy-in rates, our low failure rate (2 percent), and our done-for-you philosophy. But even if we map out the path to success for you, you still need to put that plan into action. This award represents the quality and consistency that you — our Fit Body family — work hard to uphold. So, from all of us here at the HQ, thank you!

Here’s to many more years of growth and impact!

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