Baker Auction - Volume 1

Volume 1

More Than Your Average Auctioneer The Baker Auction Company Story

Running a stellar auction takes more than a great auctioneer’s chant. After 20 years in the industry, I can tell you that genuinely connecting with the audience, and in turn connecting them with the cause they’re supporting, takes personability, character, and a dedicated team. That’s what Baker Auction Company brings to the stage at every auction we run. I grew up eating, sleeping, and breathing the auctioneering world. My grandfather was one of the best auctioneers in the Northwest. There’s a recording of his auctioneer chant in the Smithsonian. Farm auctions, cow auctions, retirement auctions — you name it, he probably did it. My dad followed in my grandpa’s footsteps, going to auctioneering school at just 14 years old. When he graduated, he was one of the youngest auctioneers in the country. He and my grandpa were partners for a long time, and my dad has been an auctioneer for 40 years and counting. They did auctions all over the Treasure Valley, and they took me and my brothers with them. In a calendar year, they did 30 to 50 auctions for charities, churches, and benefit events, all for free. It was their way of giving back to the community, and it planted the seeds for the mission of Baker Auction Co. today. I’ve always been fascinated by sales and driven to succeed, so auctioneering was a natural fit for my interests. I also found that I had a passion for charity auctions. I could tell it meant a lot to those charities and churches that my family helped them raise money for their cause. My grandpa started helping me with my auctioneer chant when I was 10 years old. When I was 13, they put me to work. They didn’t just throw me out on stage, though. My grandpa would make a real show of it, pretending to suffer from a coughing fit before handing the microphone to me, supposedly while he would gather himself. It always came as a big surprise to the

crowd when a 13-year-old continued the bidding war. I got in front of the mic any chance I had, and with every auction, my chant got better. Running the best charity auctions is about more than fast talking, though. You have to show the audience that you care about the cause and get them to care too. The ringmen are instrumental in accomplishing that. While I’m up on stage, they don’t just call out bids. Through our banter and antics throughout the event, ringmen make the audience feel like a part of the show, which increases their enjoyment and the likelihood that they’ll donate to your cause. We’ve done charity auctions all around the country, and one of the most rewarding aspects of our job is helping organizations provide for people’s needs better than we can by ourselves. We play a small part in changing lives — and that keeps us going.

- Tyson Baker “It’s Sale Time”

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