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TRANSACTIONS AG&E EXPANDS RANGE OF SERVICES THROUGH ACQUISITION OF STRUCTURAL DETAILING LLC AND BALATA BASED IN THE NASHVILLE METROPOLITAN AREA AG&E Associates, PLLC, a nationally recognized structural engineering company headquartered in Texas, has acquired Structural Detailing LLC and Balata, both structural design and detailing companies located in suburban Nashville, Tennessee, with an additional office in Hyderabad, India. This acquisition brings the addition of over 100 professionals and puts AG&E in the company of some of the largest structural design firms in the United States, continuing the march towards an increasingly national and international footprint. The founding member of SDLLC, W. Scotty Goodrich, PE, joins the leadership team of AG&E as an Executive Principal and Director of Structural Steel Detailing. Warren Goodrich, PE, SE, is the Director of Engineering for Balata. “I am thrilled to welcome Scotty Goodrich, Warren Goodrich and the entire SDLLC and Balata staff to AG&E. They are highly regarded by their clients and peers in the industry, and they are simply good people,” said Sanjay Agrawal, PE, SE, president and CEO of AG&E. “The acquisition of SDLLC and

prestressed concrete design, parking planning, structural glass engineering, and vibration consulting to provide fully integrated structural design services to its clients. “The acquisition of SDLLC bolsters our construction services strategic plan, which provides accelerated project delivery to our clients bringing speed, value, and efficiency to the design and construction process,” said Al Baysek, PE, SE, CSO and executive principal of AG&E. “Structural steel detailing and steel connection design, coupled with our specialty precast, prestressed design services acquired in 2021, gives AG&E the robust construction services team envisioned in our 2019 Strategic Plan. The addition of Balata strengthens our market sector capabilities and adds a strategic locale, Tennessee, to our bases of operations.” AG&E is a full service structural engineering consulting firm that provides sustainable structural engineering design for all types of projects using proven design techniques, computer applications, and engineering concepts. AG&E is one of the largest certified Historically Underutilized Business entities in the State of Texas. AG&E is also certified as a minority owned business and a small business enterprise.

Balata represents the culmination of one of our long-term goals of providing structural design of steel buildings that is seamlessly integrated with structural steel detailing and fabrication packages. The value this will bring to our clients nationwide will be tremendous.” “Joining AG&E is a wonderful opportunity for SDLLC. Our work culture and values coincide,” said W. Scotty Goodrich, PE. “I have always wanted the best for our employees and clients and now I feel we are the best of the best.” “The Balata team is very excited to join such a reputable firm. The support we’ve received from AG&E through the transition has been second-to-none and representative of how they treat their clients,” said Warren Goodrich, PE, SE. “We look forward to the journey ahead.” Founded in 2004, AG&E has eight offices across Texas, Colorado, and Virginia. AG&E works with architects, general contractors, and owners across the nation on a myriad of projects. Its market sectors include mission critical, aviation, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, corporate, distribution & logistics, education, federal, municipal, and parking garages. AG&E also offers structural sub-specialties such as advanced design technology, blast engineering, integrated precast,

understand how to learn from other sources. Often, asking a peer for an example project, code section you should reference, or just reading up on a subject yourself will give you the boost you need to start the task. Starting is usually the hardest part. If you truly get stuck somewhere in the middle, senior staff will gladly look over your rough draft and ask specific questions to help you gather the necessary information to then complete the task. As these steps get followed on more and more tasks, the reputation of the junior staff grows and they will begin getting more tasks, new tasks, and likely tasks from other senior staff as well! Megan Chang, P.E., is an associate and professional engineer at TETER. Contact her at “As these steps get followed on more and more tasks, the reputation of the junior staff grows and they will begin getting more tasks, new tasks, and likely tasks from other senior staff as well!”

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reference materials, etc. to determine a solution. Once they’ve determined a solution, they should write up the solution in a complete manner. For the AEC industry, this will often take the form of a detailed, complete calculation packet, bulleted email, or a report. I have often found that in the process of putting together a complete solution, I ask myself more questions which may eventually lead me to a different solution. This is why coming up with a complete solution is important – it takes that mental energy and re-work off the plate of the senior staff when they review the solution. And that, my friends, is where the magic happens. Any manager will tell you they covet those staff members they can entrust tasks to and know the work will get done with minimal (or no) further interruptions to their time on that particular matter. They will also have fewer qualms about handing over new or different tasks to the same individual, because they know that staff member is capable of coming up with a solution. As these steps get followed on more and more tasks, the senior staff will begin willingly delegating! The magic also happens for the junior staff. Stopping yourself from asking hasty questions of your seniors helps you

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