SIW Brochure


“In the past, there were village elders where everyone went to for guidance on every problem; marital problems, money issues, to spiritual matters. Hwee-Meng is our village elder for modern times. For the last 15 years, I have been telling people, ‘GO AND SEE HWEE-MENG.’ She’s a rare combination of a loving mentor, an insightful therapist, a powerful healer and a spiritual teacher.” - Pang Soh Wan, Director of Lapis Lazuli Light Singapore • “Joining the School of Inner Work has been my most enriching and rewarding journey. THE 3-YEAR PROGRAM HAS HELPED ME DISCOVER WHO I AM AND WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF. It has helped me understand who I am and why I feel, think and react the ways I do. I feel more grounded, less anxious. I have more clarity and options. I am more open. I feel so much freer. I feel empowered in my life choices.” - Chuang Xiu’Er, Polytechnic Lecturer

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