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Type FWP25 Work Platform The FWP25 Work Platform has been designed for forklift use to safely carry out tasks of “short duration” and “occasional usage” such as maintenance or stocktake. Manufactured strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1, the type FWP25 Work Platform is suitable for a maximum of two people. Supplied with slipper locking pins and 2 harness anchor rings. Unit is supplied standard as a “Flatpack” (1230 x 1150 x 200mm), or may be fully assembled upon request. Zinc plate finish.

Type FSJ200 Forklift Slip-On Jib Designed as a simple slip-on jib attachment with two hook positions 500mm apart. Both hook positions have an SWL of 2000kg. This jib attachment is held to the forklift by a safety chain and comes complete with a safety swivel hook. Available in either galvanised or painted enamel finishes. Features • Safe Working Load (SWL) 2000kg

• Unit Weight 37kg

• Safe Working Load: 250 kg

• Load Centre 1000mm

• Load Centre: 600 mm

• Pocket Size 140 x 65

• Unit Weight: 110 kg

• Pocket Centres 250 mm

• Fork Pocket Size: 160 mm x 65 mm

• Horizontal C of G 570mm

• Fork Pocket Centres: 640 mm.

• Vertical C of G 30mm.

PLEASE NOTE: The use of a FWP25 Work Platform on a forklift truck should not be considered if the capacity of that forklift is less than 1800 kg for a counterbalanced type or 1080 kg for a straddle type forklift.

Type SJW Wide Pocket Jib The SJW style jib is fitted with wide spaced fork pockets, and provides 2 lifting positions 550 mm apart. This is a simple slip on style jib, and is supplied with safety swivel hook. Zinc plated finish.

Type FGC15 Goods Cage The FGC15 forklift goods cage is suitable for storage and transport of furniture and whitegoods, and is ideal for the transportation of goods between ground and mezzanine levels. Enamel paint finish. The FGC15 forklift goods cage is NOT designed or certified to convey personnel.

Specials Type

SWL Max. (kg)/550(mm)

SWL Max. (kg)/110(mm)

Fork Pocket size (mm)

Fork Pocket Centres (mm)

Unit weight (kg)

SJW 2.5 2500 SJW 4.5 4500 SJW 7 7000 SJW 11 11,000

1500 3000 5000 8000

165 x 65 740 180 x 80 875 180 x 80 875 230 x 110 875


140 210 260

• Load Centre: 600mm

• Safe Working Load: 1000 kg

• Unit Weight: 130kg.

• Fork Pocket Size: 185 mm x 85 mm

• Fork Pocket Centres: 800 mm


Width (mm) 1505

Depth (mm)

Height (mm)

Unit Weight (kg)





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