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Storage Cages Type CSPN-01 Goods Cage

Type WP-C8 Single person cage, fitted with mesh roof

Maximum capacity: 1 person

Safely convey loose or palletised goods using either forklift or crane. Full width gate allows for 1200mm square pallets to be placed inside. Fitted with crane lifting lugs, fork stirrups and interlocking feet, this versatile cage can also be safely stacked. Zinc plated finish.

• Safe Working Load: 250 kg

• Unit Weight: 150 kg

• Fork Pocket Size: 165 mm x 65 mm

• Safe Working Load: 1000 kg

• Fork Pocket Centres: 555 mm.

• Unit Weight: 175 kg.

Beaver Oxygen/Acetylene Gas Bottle Trolley Designed for use as trolley, lifting frame or use with a forklift.

Type WP-C6 6 person cage, fitted with full mesh infill. The front mesh panel above handrail height is removable for working access.

Product Code Capacity (kg)

H (mm)

B (mm)

W (mm)

C (mm)

A (mm)

D (mm)

Weight (kg)




1600 1280 635 394 644 100 76


Maximum Capacity: 6 people

• Safe Working Load: 900 kg

• Unit Weight: 700 kg.




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