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Great s tories inspire change At Cineplex, we believe that great stories have the power to change the world. That’s why we’ve teamed up with WE, our national charity partner, to bring you the WE are Canada Family Guide . It’s filled with ideas and activities that will inspire you and your children to take a starring role in making a difference in our community. Since 2014, Cineplex has partnered with WE on initiatives that empower and celebrate Canada’s youth and their stories. Over the past three years, we’ve raised over $3.5 million for WE youth programs through donations and concession sales at our Community Days, as well as the sale of Cineplex’s exclusive Change Bracelets in theatres. In 2016, the funds helped over 200,000 young Canadians benefit through free leadership programs and resources, including youth summits, school speaking tours, volunteerism campaigns and WE Day celebrations. The impact has been amazing. Through WE programs last school year, students involved volunteered over four million hours and raised over $11 million for the local and global causes that meant the most to them. We are so inspired by these powerful stories of community heroes that we have partnered with WE to help ignite the passion within all of you. Together with your whole family, I encourage you to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by making a difference. What stories will your family create? Inspire others and share your stories at #WEareCanada .

Ellis Jacob President and CEO, Cineplex

Together , WE are Canada

Parents often share with us that their greatest hope is to raise children who care and contribute. Through our work with WE over the past 20 years, we know that one family can make a world of difference, and that change begins at home. Canada’s 150th anniversary is the ideal opportunity to get involved in your community and make giving back a meaningful part of your family life. There’s no better time to engage our youngest citizens—our children— in learning about our shared values as Canadians. We are known as the country that cares.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover new ways to make a difference in the lives of others—and in your own family—through small, everyday actions. It’s organized around the key themes of Canada 150: diversity and inclusion, reconciliation, youth, and the environment. We’ve added a fifth theme—Canada and the world—in recognition of the many Canadians who are passionate about global issues. We invite you to join the hundreds of thousands of Canadians already coming together to help to create a more caring and compassionate Canada. Let’s get started!

Craig Kielburger Marc Kielburger Founders, WE

WE Are Canada, a Canada 150 signature initiative, has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. © WE Charity, 2017. All Rights Reserved.



WE is our philosophy, our mission and our name. WE is an organization that offers students, families, companies and individuals the inspiration and tools they need to roll up their sleeves and make a tangible difference in their communities and around the world. These everyday actions, combined together, create a tidal wave of impact. We do this in three ways:

WE Day is a celebration of good. With world-renowned speakers and performers, combined with powerful stories of change, WE Day reaffirms the belief that a better world is possible. WE Day events in Canada, the U.S. and the UK bring together tens of thousands of young people who have made a difference by taking action through WE Schools. And with the launch of WE Day Family, kids and parents can join together as a family to share their commitment to positive social change. ME to WE is an innovative social enterprise that provides products and experiences that make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices. Through ME to WE, your family can experience immersive volunteer trips, support women and their families in Kenya and Ecuador by purchasing beautiful handcrafted jewellery or inspire your kids through Take Action Camp and other leadership programs. WE Charity empowers change with resources that create sustainable impact. We do this at home through WE Schools, experiential service- learning and leadership programs for young people in the U.S., Canada and the UK. We do this internationally through WE Villages, our proven international development model for breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Why It ’s Good to Give Back

When you take small steps to make a difference in the world, your actions not only benefit others, but also increase your own well-being.

Good for your children Through volunteering, fundraising or raising awareness around causes that matter, your kids develop confidence, empathy and valuable skills that set them on the path to life success. Good for your family By rallying around causes that are personal, families grow closer to each other and to their community, and feel a renewed sense of purpose. Good for the country When you reach out to help those around you and learn about their lives, you help break down the boundaries that separate people and start a conversation that brings us together. Through our everyday actions, we can make a positive, lasting impact on Canada’s future. Good for the world Your family becomes part of the solution, helping to address the world’s biggest challenges and creating change both locally and globally.

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Let ’s Get Started This year, let’s unite as a country and pledge to continue to build a stronger Canada. Bring your family together to take action in four areas that are fundamental to our Canadian identity, as well as continuing to effect positive change around the world. Want to make a difference? Join WE are Canada! Here’s how to pledge to take action as a family. ►► Go to WE.ca to add your family to the growing list of change-makers already making a difference. ►► Receive powerful stories of inspiring individuals who are helping to build the future of Canada. ►► Gain access to exclusive resources to help you make your own meaningful contribution.

Sign up at WE.ca today!

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Break down barriers that separate us from others. Diversity and Inclusion Family Activities Help kids understand that they are part of a country made up of many backgrounds, cultures and abilities. Use these activities with your family to build a welcoming Canada where there is a place for everyone.. ►► Get out and meet people in your community. Take part in street or music festivals celebrating different cultures. ►► Share a meal. Reach out to immigrants and refugees by inviting them to coffee or dinner in your home to learn more about their traditions and share yours. ►► Ask your kids to think about two personal experiences where they felt included or excluded. Encourage them to describe the event and talk about how it made them feel—and what little things they can do to help others feel included. ►► Join the WE Are One action campaign as a family. Learn about the experiences of people with disabilities, then use technology to imagine and plan how you can make your community more accessible. Sign up and find ideas and resources at WE.ca . Made possible by Microsoft.

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Reconciliation is about forging and maintaining respectful relationships. There are no shortcuts.” –The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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Reconciliation Family Activities

Stand together with Indigenous Canadians.

For over 100 years, government policy placed more than 150,000 First Nations, Métis and Inuit children in Indian Residential Schools—removing them from their families and their influence in the spiritual, cultural and intellectual development of their children.

The system left a legacy of unresolved trauma and has deeply affected the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.

How can your family be a part of the reconciliation process? Through learning and conversation.

►► When you host friends and family, take a moment to acknowledge the ancestral and traditional Indigenous land on which you meet. Research your area through the Government of Canada’s site for Indigenous and Northern Affairs. ►► Some sports team names and mascots reinforce negative stereotypes that demean Indigenous peoples and cultures. Talk to your family about what you can do to take a stand, such as stopping the purchase of products with their logos on it, or starting a petition to change the name.

►► Attend community events, art exhibitions, discussions, dances and other cultural events that feature Indigenous artists and creators. ►► Join the WE Stand Together action

campaign as a family and shine the spotlight on the successes and challenges of Aboriginal youth education—let’s make this issue a priority in Canada. Sign up and find ideas and resources at WE.ca . Made possible by the Martin Family Initiative.

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Youth Family Activities

Empower your children.

Youth are a key focus of Canada 150 and WE are Canada. Young Canadians have the knowledge, determination and passion to create positive social change. And studies show that kids who volunteer are more likely to do well in school, graduate and vote. Help your children discover themselves, their passions and their potential to lead by taking action together. Start with this universal equation packed with world-changing power: Gift + Issue = Change .

►► Define your gifts. Talk to your kids about what they love to do and how they can use their special gifts to create change. ►► Brainstorm the issues that your family cares about. Ask what issues—poverty, hunger, homelessness or something else—your children see people in the community struggling with. Who do they most want to help? ►► Now put them together. How can your family use these special talents to help others? Whether artistic or athletic; a good listener or social media all-star, your kids can use their gifts to make a difference.

►► You can connect your children with other world-changers at Take Action Camp. They’ll experience the feeling of belonging that comes from truly being themselves and forming deep friendships based on a shared passion for taking action. ►► Join the WE Volunteer Now action campaign and rally your family to take part in meaningful volunteer actions throughout the year. Sign up and find ideas and resources at WE.ca . Made possible by Cineplex.

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Live sustainably. Environment Family Activities

Our everyday choices have a direct impact on the future of the planet. As the population grows, so does the demand we put on the environment. With a high level of consumption comes waste, pollution and widespread destruction of habitats. If a large number of people practise small ways to decrease their environmental impact, then we can make a difference together. Here are some activities to help your family go green at home.

►► Spend some time in nature exploring our beautiful country. On nature walks, look for moss, tree cones, berries, insects and wildlife. Learn to identify native species and understand the role they play in our ecosystem. ►► Teaching children to turn off the water while brushing their teeth pays off for the environment and your pocketbook. Leaving the tap running during the recommended two minutes of brushing can waste up to 19 litres of water a day.

►► Cut down on the amount of waste you produce at home. One small step is to commit to packing a garbage-free lunch at least once a week. ►► Join the WE Take Charge action campaign and take weekly pledges to live sustainably and help your household go green. Every choice you make today adds up. Sign up and find ideas and resources at WE.ca . Made possible by Unilever.

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Canada and the world Family Activities

Make a global impact.

One of the great things about Canada is the role it plays on the international stage. WE are Canada focuses not only on how we can improve our local communities, but also on how we can continue to effect positive change around the world. You can help create change globally by taking action through WE Villages. Through a focus on the five Pillars of Impact—Education, Water, Health, Food and Opportunity—WE Villages provides families in developing communities with the tools and resources they need to be self- reliant and break free from poverty.

►► Being inspired starts with being informed. Before you take action, take some family time to explore global issues that you care about. Find context, perspectives and statistics at WE.org/ exploringissues . ►► Give a gift that makes an impact. When you buy a one-of-a-kind ME to WE Rafiki bracelet, you help provide

►► Give a goat! When a family has a dairy goat, they gain a source of nutritious milk and sustainable income. Get your family together to collect spare change to help another family in a WE Villages community. Go to WE.org to donate. ►► Take a volunteer trip with your family. Work alongside community members on a sustainable development project driven by need, and witness firsthand how a WE Villages community comes together to help break the cycle of poverty. Learn more at metowe.com/volunteer-travel .

a sustainable income for a Kenyan woman and her family. Available at shop.metowe.com .

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Next Steps 1. Take the WE are Canada Pledge Pledge to take action as a family. ►► Go to WE.ca to add your family to the growing list of change-makers already making a difference ►► Receive powerful stories of inspiring individuals who are helping to build the future of Canada. ►► Gain access to exclusive resources to help you make your own meaningful contribution.

Sign up at WE.ca today!

2. Take Action as a Family How will you help build the future of Canada? Take a local and a global action together. You can use the ideas in this book to get you started or come up with your own as a family.

Share your story and results with us through social media! #WEareCanada

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WE are Canada—For Families 15

Follow us and stay connected with the WE community, stories, activities and events.

Find more family-friendly resources at WE.ca . @WEMovement

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How Cineplex Lives WE Cineplex is one of Canada’s leading entertainment and media companies and operates one of the most modern and fully digitized motion picture theatre circuits in the world. WE Charity and Cineplex are working together to inspire young Canadians and help them develop the skills and confidence they need to make a positive difference in their local communities.

With Cineplex’s support in 2016:

171 ,000 young Canadians made a in their communities through the WE Volunteer Now campaign difference

Youth volunteered 4 million+ hours through the WE Schools service-learning program

116,000 young people and their teachers were inspired at WE Days across Canada

Thank you, Cineplex, for your generous support of today’s generation of change-makers!

Together , WE are Canada ! Make lasting family memories and make a difference in the lives of others. In honour of Canada 150, Cineplex has teamed up with WE, its national charity partner, to bring you the WE are Canada Family Guide . It’s filled with ideas and activities that will inspire your children to take a starring role in making a difference in your community. Share these activities with your children to celebrate, explore and make giving back a meaningful part of your family life. By bonding together around causes that you care about, you’ll grow closer to each other and your community, and your children will discover themselves, their passions and their potential to lead. With the WE are Canada Family Guide , we hope you’ll be inspired to take small, everyday actions with your family and join the hundreds of thousands of Canadians coming together to create a more caring, compassionate country and world. Happy Canada 150!

WE are Canada, a Canada 150 signature initiative, has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

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