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June 2020


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As we approach Father’s Day, I can’t help but feel lucky to call myself a dad to two great kids. If you’re a longtime reader of this newsletter, then you may remember my daughter, Emily, and my son, Alex. Time is flying by with these two kids, but we’re making some pretty great memories along the way. Emily has just wrapped up fourth grade, while Alex has finished third. Being so close in age means they experience the same milestones together and often share similar experiences. They ride their bikes together, have some of the same friends, and enjoy the same things as any brother and sister do. Of course, as Emily and Alex have grown, we’ve watched them develop their own passions and hobbies. Emily loves to dance and make crafts, and you can often find Alex outside playing all kinds of sports, particularly baseball and basketball. Like any pair of siblings, they know just how to get on each other’s nerves, too, but by and large, they are two great, thoughtful, kind kids. Adrienne and I could not be more proud of them, and we are cherishing the moments we have as a family. One of our favorite ways to spend time together is to go on road trips. We even have some pretty long ones under our belts, which is no small feat when you have little children! We like to make the traveling a trip in itself by stopping at various restaurants, getting hot cocoa, and looking at the local attractions along the way. The destinations themselves vary. Like their mom and me, Alex and Emily love exploring. They would be content with a day at the beach or hiking through “As they have gotten older, Alex and Emily have becomemore curious about theworld around them, and I believe jumping in the car and traveling to a newdestination is a great way tomake connections.” Great Adventures

Creating Family Memories on Our Road Trips!

a national park. All that really matters is that they get to learn something new or discover a new part of the world. As they have gotten older, Alex and Emily have become more curious about the world around them, and I believe jumping in the car and traveling to a new destination is a great way to make connections. There’s so much more out there than their Pennsylvania home, and to watch them experience all the wonder and beauty this world has to offer is beyond special. Occasionally, Adrienne and I will take a trip on our own, but we usually end up re-planning the entire vacation with our kids in mind. We like to find gems that offer them adventure! The kids still talk about the trips we took down to Myrtle Beach, and they absolutely loved our adventure in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The best part is that they are pretty happy anywhere we go, especially if we can explore the outdoors. I’m glad that we get to experience family hikes, trips, and new towns together. I know there are people who would prefer to travel alone, but I can’t imagine traveling any other way than with my family right beside me. Sure, the hours in the car with the kids may be long, and not every day feels like a magical adventure, but the experiences and memories we make as a family are worth the trek.

–Dr. Michael Gilbert


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