Powerful Design Look Book 2023

Design matters. It’s how we express ourselves. It’s how we interact with the world around us. In the workplace, design speaks to the culture of a company and what’s important. Good design—meaningful design—just makes everything better.


We’re the ones who will pick something up, turn it around and take it apart. We’re problem solvers. It’s just the way we’re wired.



We’ve been in the business of powering— and empowering—people for over 50 years. Power is what we do...and we’re good at it. Driven by daring, innovative thinking, we’ve collected over 700 worldwide patents. Byrne’s capabilities stretch from the earliest inception of an idea through materials and design into production and beyond. From hospitality and commercial to educational and residential environments, we also understand the essential importance of space. After all, it’s where we live.

Materials have power. Colors. Textures. They can calm us. Move us. They can change our minds.



We’re always looking out for technologies and objects that move us. Design that asks questions. And maybe gives answers. This kind of inspiration can come from anywhere —and often does. When something inspires us, it becomes part of the creative force that drives us to explore new materials and methods. To face new design challenges head on. And it’s this spark of inspiration that leads us to create products we hope will inspire others, too.

Node® Mulberry Powder Coat White Plastic

As technology dominates so many of our workspaces, interactions with natural colors can provide a sense of tranquility and connection to your workspace. From earthy tones to vibrant hues inspired by flora and fauna, our designs aim to create a harmonious environment that promotes productivity and well-being. Immerse yourself in a space that awakens your senses and ignites your creativity.



Node® Sand Powder Coat White Plastic

Kia Storm Plastic Spill Proof Technology



Axil ® M Matte White Powder Coated Steel White Plastic 45watt Dual USB-C, USB-A+C, Power



Willow™ (above) Beech Hardwood Dusk Braided Cord

Apparatus By Byrne™ (left) White Painted Die Cast Aluminum White and Fog Chevron Braided Cord



E2XB White Powder Coated White Plastic

In the world of power, like the natural world itself, there’s beauty in simplicity. When things are easy to find, easy to use—it can provide a sense of gratification that’s almost… magical. Driven by the philosophy that products can—and should—be as beautiful as they are functional, Finch TM is at once smart and sophisticated. With smooth lines, and a gently curved aluminum extrusion, it’s offered in a warm, natural palette of color- saturated new anodized aluminum palette.



Finch™ Greestone Anodized Aluminum (left) Sandstone Anodized Aluminum (top right) Copper Anodized Aluminum (bottom right)

When we talk about the impact materials can have on an object—or the person interacting with it—it’s often a question of…adjacencies. It might be that a particular color or metal or fabric moves you because of what’s sitting next to it. Colors can blend and soothe…or play off each other in ways that make all the difference. Is it the feel of a surface, or the contrast between surfaces, that makes you take notice? Or calms you down? In design, like so many things, don’t underestimate the power of connections.



Finch™ (left) Copper Anodized Aluminum Dune Plastic Vesta ® (left) Sand Powder Coated Steel Dune Plastic Finch™ (right) Sandstone Anodized Aluminum Pinecone Plastic



Vesta ® Mulberry Powder Coated Steel Clay Plastic

MiniBar Brushed Silver Aluminum Black Plastic



ElloraB Sand Powder Coated Aluminum 45watt Dual USB-C, USB-A+C, Power

Patterns breathe life into spaces. Restful or energizing, they make things personal. Don’t be afraid to customize. It’s all about the freedom to make something your own.



More and more, people are looking for ways to tell their story. In the workplace, design is intentional, supporting the culture and brand. At home, objects speak to your individuality. The nearly limitless style and design options available through Byrne, give people the opportunity to express themselves—using the very products that allow them to make powerful connections with technology and with each other.



Trippel ® White Plastic USB-A+C, Wireless Charging, Power



Ellora ® (left) Black Anodized Aluminum 42watt Dual USB-C, USB-A+C, Power

Nacre ® (right) Storm Plastic Custom Printed Lid



Pepper ® Dune Plastic

Salt ® Moss Plastic USB-A+C



Dean ® Rosemary Plastic Dusk Braided Cord 45watt USB-C, Power

Vesta ® with Charging Base (left) Fog Powder Coated Steel White Plastic

Vesta ® (right top) Sand Powder Coated Steel White Plastic Vesta ® (right bottom) Mulberry Powder Coated Steel Pinecone Plastic



Manage the cord. Hide the cord. For years, that connection between wall and device has been a tangled source of frustration.



Here’s a suggestion. What about elevating the cord into something special—something to be brought out into the open, even celebrated? It’s time to put an end to all the hide-and-seek. Sure, there’s power inside the cord. But with these rich colors, pleasing textures and spirited patterns, we think there’s real power on the outside, too.



Apparatus By Byrne ® USB-A+C, Power Dusk Braided Cord (top) Black and White Pinstripe Braided Cord (bottom)



Poppy and White Chevron Braided Cord

Nacre ® Gloss White Plastic USB-A+C, Power



MhoB Mulberry Powder Coated Aluminum White Plastic



MagPuck with MagStand (left) White Powder Coated Aluminum Wireless Charging

Kia (right) White Plastic Soft Seating Mount


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