adMail Customer Guide

In addition to the conditions and specifications set out in the Premier customer guide the following additional requirements apply to all adMail mailings. The recession is having an adverse impact on advertising revenues and there is a requirement to develop innovation in the Direct Mail market segment. By reducing prices for Direct Mail we aim to demonstrate to customers our commitment to delivering value for money and to provide continued support to the existing Direct Mail market. 1.0 Service Overview

adMail is for addressed Direct Mail (DM) Letter and Large Letter mailing items comprising a largely uniform message with the purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services or to encourage, contribute to or support a cause. Each adMail daily posting must comprise at least 4,000 mailing items per service per day, and in the case of Access 70 CBC, at least 10,000 Mailing Items per day.

adMail Customer Guide / August 2014 / V1


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