adMail Customer Guide

5.0 adMail in conjunction with greenPost

5.1 Whistl sortation software When the customer is sorting their data, they will be given the option to select whether the mailing is an adMail mailing and whether it is an adMail mailing in conjunction with greenPost. Here they will need to select whether it is entry or intermediate greenPost.

5greenPost Letter and Large Letter postings may attract the adMail discount in addition to the relevant greenPost discount provided that the adMail specification for providing seed items is met. Please refer to the greenPost customer guide for full specification details. Note: for each adMail posting, the customer must identify discretely each of the following service options:

• adMail • adMail + greenPost Entry • adMail + greenPost Intermediate

For greenPost entry and greenPost intermediate postings that are handed over claiming the adMail discount the customer must: • Use the Resp E or Resp I abbreviations, as applicable to the bag/tray label (see the greenPost user guide for greenPost labelling requirements) • Provide a sample/seed for each posting

adMail Customer Guide / August 2014 / V1


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