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How can I learn to fish? Fishing Tips UDC unveils new facilities for contractors. Point Of Use


The family inspired arts and music festival. Qanat Qarnevale

6 Events at The Pearl


12 Community Rules

16 English Khutbah

Your 15 minutes home workout. 14 Get Fit from Home


Word-class vehicle service center now open at The Pearl- Qatar. New Alfardan Service Center

20 Spring Style Checklist

18 The

Your guide to the tastiest hot spots. Connoisseur


Several simple ways to save water. Make Every Drop Count

30 The Venue

36 Make 2018 Your Career Year

26 Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs

Fitness Club

Doha ’ s most prestigious VVIP fitness Club.

The must have shoe trends in 2018. 32 Stepping in Style

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Last moh, UDC hosted t joyous Qan Qarnevale


fval wch took place in Qan Quarer. 4 day fval ran from 31 st Ja ary  3 rd F ruary 2018.



evening until the festival drew to a close. For visitors who were not familiar with the area, it allowed them the opportunity to experience the beautiful and intricate Venezian community with a loud bang.

he family inspired art and music festival attracted a large visitor and resident audience with a

number of activities and shows which it showcased every

The laser shows which was a crowd pleaser and why wouldn’t it be? It’s not every day you get to see beautiful laser lights which are well synchronized with the voice of Andrea Bocelli! Guests were also kept entertained throughout the night by the Martian inspired LED drummers, drumming away! Other activities included, outdoor cinema experience, 3D floor painting, stage performances, caricature artists and water taxi. ty were awarded wh one token. Once ty had enough toke, ty were able to trade  in for f gifts. Some gifts inuded  table footba, d ney stu ed toys and Monopoly, t faly board game.

I n order to ipire t crowd to become acquaied wh a parts of t comty and experience nearby ding, t aivi and shows were spread out across a areas of t boardwa. Kids were largy traed by t free gam wch ty could parcpe in, for every sucsful game compled,

6 The Pearl Events

Sports Day 2018 National A football match was hosted between the managements of UDC and Ashghal, in addition to beach volleyball, table tennis and other children’s activities.

more information about upcoming events The Pearl-Qatar, please visit our page and click events.

…the winners We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part and everyone who contributed to organizing this successful event. It’s events such as this that remind us of how important it is to be active and look after our health. If you are currently working out For

and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then you are most certainly a winner. If you’re yet to commit to a healthy lifestyle, it’s not too late, We’re only few months into the new year and between now and the new year, you can achieve so much more than you think.


ational Sports Day has become one of the most celebrated holidays in Qatar. Every 2 nd Tuesday in the month of February, is marked by celebrations of various sporting activities in a bid to encourage residents to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, this year the skies were clear and there were no grey clouds in sight and as is customary, UDC hosted its annual sports day event here on the island with Ashghal’s senior officials as its esteemed guests for the day. Taking part in the day’s events were UDC’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ibrahim J. Al Othman and H.E Dr. Eng. Saad A. Al-Muhannadi, President of Ashghal along with a number of senior officials from both organisations. The activities at Lido Venezia which were conducted in coordination with Gymmito, included beach volleyball, beach football and table tennis. In contrast, the activities at the boardwalk in Porto Arabia included the walkathon and a number of CrossFit exercises, which were separately hosted by the newly opened Venue gym, T23 and F-45. …fun filled Activities Residents and visitors were encouraged to take part in the activities at various workout stations, which featured

fitness tests and challenges throughout the day. Helpful advice on how to stay fit and eat well was offered to participants and passers-by.

Raffle Draw Period: From December 21, 2017 till March 20, 2018 Raffle Draw Date: March 21, 2018 at 10:00 am Terms & Conditions Apply • Range Rover Sport V8 SC HSE Dynamic 2017 • BMW Motorcycle R1200 GS 2017 • Porsche Macan 2017 SPEND QAR 200 at Medina Centrale Stores for a chance to win:

Shop with Confidence For Complaints and Suggestions License number 2017/6327 16001



POU UDC unveils

arlier this month, H.E Dr. Issa Saad Al Nuaimi, Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, H.E Turki Al Khater, UDC Chairman and Mr. Ibrahim Al Othman, UDC President & Chief Executive Officer inaugurated the newly built Point of Use buildings which have been constructed at UDC’s cost for the benefit of its contractors working to maintain the island. E

UDC continues to make efforts to ensure the well-being and comfort of contractors who are involved in the ongoing development of the island and has heavily invested in the 8 buildings which are strategically located in different parts of The Pearl-Qatar.

UDC continues to set the standard of community living for its resident and has not turned a blind eye to the contractors who play an integral part in maintaining this beautiful community. The QAR 12M investment ensures that blue collar workers are treated with civility and class.

Each POU offers unprecedented services and amenities for workers to eat, rest, wash and store their equipment free of charge. These buildings have been constructed in accordance with the highest international standards. Each of these facilities occupies a parcel area of 160sqm, is air-conditioned and includes a kitchen, dining area, toilets, showers and lockers, as well as storage area for equipment and tools.

10 Fishing Tips

11 Fishing Tips

How can I

Learn to


Discover your inner fisherman

Understand the weather

What can Ronautica Middle East offer you? A 5 hour fishing boat can be hired from Ronautica at a price of QAR 1750. This package allows up to 6 persons to go on the trip at any time. Gather 5 friends and you’ll all be paying just under QAR 300 each for 5 hours of fun. The best part? All fishing equipment is provided in this all inclusive package. To contact Ronautica Middle East you can call 6674 1577 or email them via You can also visit their offices based in Porto Arabia, by tower 1. Patience is key when it comes to fishing. Take your time to access the area or a pattern, don’t be too quick to dismiss after only a few attempts. So stick to your techniques and wait patiently, more often than not you will be rewarded with plenty fish after you are done. Be patient

Fishes are arguably among the most baffling of creatures. The way they behave is heavily determined by weather conditions. Different kinds of fish react differently to certain kinds of weather and air pressure. As a result, you need to be familiar with their habits. Fish eating patterns and all their activities are dictated by the water temperature. However, one of the most common techniques that you could resort to is using baits that move slower when fishing in cooler waters and opt for more aggressive baits in warmer waters. This way you will be able to know what kind of fish you’re more likely to catch. Remember, most boat charter companies may cancel your booking if the weather forecast isn’t looking too good.

First, you’ll need to figure out if you are a fisherman who uses a rod or if you’re going in for a dive with a spear gun. At a beginner level you’re definitely not the latter but you can definitely work towards it. Start by learning the art of fishing surrounded by well-trained fishermen. As you progress you can look at taking on a diving license to edge you closer to spearfishing.


ave you ever heard the saying “life without a hobby is like food without salt?” Well, neither have we. But the point is that a time comes in your life when you can’t help but feel overworked, stressed or overwhelmed. So you find yourself wondering - How can I get over the blues and find something to do that makes me happy? Luckily the key to living a happier life is spending more time doing the simple things in life. The things you enjoy, the things that don’t make you feel burdened. For some of us, we enjoy taking the kids for a walk to the local playground, others enjoy a night out with friends, some of us may get a kick out of playing the new Sim City game. Whatever it is, that makes you happy, spend more time doing it. If you would like to try a new hobby, here in Qatar, fishing is a great hobby, which will definitely boost your endorphins. First of all, fishing on The Pearl-Qatar waters is strictly prohibited. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to go fishing elsewhere. There are several fishing sites surrounding Qatar and we’re going to provide you with the tips to ensure you only reel in good quality fish.

Choose your site and timing wisely

It’s important to make a wise choice when deciding where to fish. Most fish come out to feed during dusk and dawn, during this time, fishing sites are hotly contested for, so remember to beat the traffic. Generally the further out you go the higher your chances of coming back with an abundance of fish.


…a new year, a fresh start A new year provides us all with an opportunity for a fresh start. As this prestigious community continues to expand and more residents call The Pearl-Qatar their home, back in January, we completely revamped the community rules with the latest and most user-friendly version to date.

month until the issue is resolved. Further escalation, including legal action/involvement of MOI, may be applied if the issue persists or remains unresolved. …Category 2 violations and repercussions On the contrary and in the case of a category 2 violation,


...ensure the safety and credibility of our community As with any high-end living, these rules are required to ensure your safety and the credibility of the community to ensure the island maintains the lifestyle which makes The Pearl-Qatar, what it is today. In an effort, to provide residents with clarity on a number of topics, each rule has been reworded to ensure it providers readers with concise and unambiguous meaning. In addition, unlike previous versions whereby the corresponding penalty was found towards the last few pages, the revamped version outlines each rule and corresponding penalty side by side. …categorized commu nity violations and penalties Community officials are taking an aggressive stance on a number of community violations which are

the o  ender will receive a fi xed penalty notice which he is required to settle within 30 days. Failure to settle will resolve in the amount being doubled every month until the issue is resolved. No prior written warning will be served. Further escalation, including legal action/involvement of MOI may be applied if the issue persists or remains unresolved. …new relaxed rules for the greater benefit Whilst there’s a stern punishment for a number of violations, community officials have also relaxed a number of rules for the greater benefit of its residents. For example, previous versions did not permit BBQ’s at The Pearl-Qatar, whilst the updated version now allows BBQ’s providing that the resident fulfills the minimum requirements which are further outlined in the community rules.

These rules protect the

integrity of The Pearl-Qatar and promote good community living which is intended to foster an environment of neighborliness, consideration and cooperation between residents.

Acceptance of this by everyone, leads to something

outlined in the updated community rules. All violations have been categorized into Cat 1 & Cat 2 violations. In the case of a category 1 violation, the o  ender will receive a written notice to remedy the violation. Unless otherwise specied in the letter, the offender is given 7 days to remedy the violation and not to repeat it again. Failure to settle will result in a penalty being issued which will be doubled every

we all desire, a pleasant and friendly community which we’re all proud to call home. A full digital link of the community rules can be accessed via > Our Community > Brochures > Community Rules



14 Health and Fitness

15 Health and Fitness



If there’s one exercise fit people hate, Burpees is definitely a contender. The workout itself is rather simple and straightforward, however as the reps continue, it begins to take its toll. Begin by standing in a neutral position. 1. Lower your body into a squatting position, placing your hands in front of you. 2. Kick both feet back (at the same time) as far as you can in order to get into a high plank (push up) position. 3. Touch the ground with your chest and thighs and move back into a push up position. 4. Kick your feet back into its original (squat) position. 5. Finish by jumping straight up clapping your hand above your head. repeat the exercise for 10 reps.



Squat with

Hamstring Curl and High Pull

Get to it with your feet hip-width apart. Move into a squat, with your hips back and down, and your weight in your heels. 1. Ensure your right leg is bent behind you as you stand back up while kicking your heel toward your butt for a hamstring curl. At the same time, pull your elbows backwards at shoulder height to carry out a high pull. 2. Repeat the squat. 3. Also, repeat hamstring curl on your right leg, doing the same for high pull. 4. Continue to alternate with hamstring curls and a squat in between. Boat to Side Plank Sit on a the floor and lean back into a 45 degree angle. With your knees up into a tabletop position and arm straight out by your legs. Be in a boat pose, having your knees bent. 1. Hit a side plank as you roll onto your left side with your legs out straight and elbow under your shoulder; align the shoulders, hip and ankles in line. 2. Hit a boat pose again as you roll back on to your b back side. 3. Hit a side plank as you roll onto your right side. 4. Do a repeat and perform a boat pose between each plank. If you’re the type of person who enjoys or is keen to try a home workout, these 15 minutes workout will sure do the 5


Shuffle Side Punch

Get started with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart. Like a boxer, hold your fists in front of your face. 1. Shuffle your feet with two steps to the left. 2. Drive the movement using your hip and punch your right arm out to the side, with palm facing downward and quickly bring your fist back to your face. 3. Again, shuffle this time to the right two steps and


oping to get lean without visiting the gym? You’re not alone. You can actually achieve this goal without leaving your home. The best part? There’s

3. Tap your left shoulder using your right hand, then your right shoulder with the left hand. 4. Crawl back to your starting position and repeat the exercise for 10 reps. Tip: Remember to keep your core and glutes engaged at all times for increased effect.

no equipment required.

The idea of this 15min workout is to target a number of muscles in each move. Its high-intensity ensuring those dormant fat cells get thrown around. All you need is a bit of focus and a space on the floor. Keep up as we guide you in this grueling yet highly effective and fat-busting 15 minute home workout.

repeat the movement using your left hand. 4. Repeat this cycle for 15 reps on each side.


Get started by standing with your feet, hip-width apart 1. Without bending your knees, reach down to touch the ground in front of you. 2. Once both hands have touched the ground, crawl forward using your hands only until you reach a high plank (push up) position.

trick if, and it’s a big if, it’s done consistently. Get that body back. The time is now!

16 English Khutbah

Every Weekend 2 hours

ne of the special things about The Pearl is its people. Our Pearl Community takes great pride on being ethnically diverse. We strongly believe that having the privilege to interact with residents of different cultural backgrounds, enables us to see things from the perspective of others. It enables us to understand that reaching a consensus decision takes effort. Being in the privileged position of overseeing such a diverse community, ensures that our team work diligently to come up with ways to better serve the community taking into consideration the needs of others. Ultimately, this is all part of our ongoing efforts to make The Pearl-Qatar the best community in the region catering to the needs of our residents in the best way possible. The example of the one who enters the mosque in the earliest hour is that of one oering a camel (in sacrifice). The one coming next is like one oering a cow and then a ram and then a chicken and then an egg respectively. When the Imam comes out (for Friday prayer) they (i.e. angels) fold their papers and listen to the Khutbah." – Prophet Muhammad PBUH. O "When it is a Friday, the angels stand at the gate of the mosque and keep on writing the names of the persons coming to the mosque in succession according to their arrival.

Round Trips CORNICHE / THE PEARL - QATAR (By The Museum of Islamic Art) (Gate 1) From 3:00 P.M To 12:00 A.M

THE PEARL Depart: 04:00 P.M Depart: 06:00 P.M Depart: 08:00 P.M Depart: 10:00 P.M Depart: 12:00 A.M (Gate 1) 100 QR - ROUND TRIP 60 QR - ONE WAY PRICES:

CORNICHE Depart: 03:00 P.M Depart: 05:00 P.M Depart: 07:00 P.M Depart: 09:00 P.M Depart: 11:00 P.M By The Museum of Islamic Art


- Complementary Drink - Dazzling View of West-Bay - Luxury Arabic DHOW INCLUDES:

The management at The Pearl-Qatar sought to present an opportunity to members of the community who do not understand the Arabic language giving them an opportunity to benefit from the sermon in a language which is universally understood. This new amendment was made earlier this year and already we have observed worshippers attending the mosque in large numbers. For those who have not had the chance to attend the Friday prayer, we wish to remind all readers that attending is not only exclusive to muslims and that non-muslims are very welcome to attend and listen to the sermon. The mosque is easily accessible to everyone and has private separate quarters for both men and women. The mosque is located in Fanar Fayrouz, close to the tennis courts. We look forward to seeing you soon.



This year, it is with great pleasure to announce that the mosque in Fanar Fayrouz is now conducting the Friday sermon in English. Our community is blessed enough to have three mosques on the island, the other two will continue to conduct sermons in Arabic. Therefore, if you prefer to listen to the Friday sermon in Arabic, you can continue to visit the mosques in Porto Arabia and La Plage East.

CONTACT INFO: + 974 66 000 926 + 974 77 999 666 Nationalcruise_qatar

18 The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur 19

Tell me more … The menu, simply presented had an array of delicate and intriguing dishes. There was a wide range of options to select from. Whilst it featured your typical titles such as salads, burgers, pizzas and pastas, each catergory had unique dishes. I started by ordering a Insalate Verde (a fancy salad) which consisted of baby greens, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, fennel, olives, toasted almonds and lemon tarragon vinaigrette. Now, some of you may have m i x e d op i n i ons on the

Fettucini. I asked why she had recommended it? she simply replied ‘trust me’ and that was good enough for me, so I went with it. When the dish arrived on my table, I could just tell that it was a caloric bomb waiting to go off. It was so rich, artfully, hand tossed in thick white sauce, served hot and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

“Ever get that Champs-Élysées feeling? The kind of atmosphere where you can sit for hours and enjoy your well-earned moment.”

My first bite reminded me of my trip to Venice two years ago, and I remember sitting there telling my wife she had to try to stop whatever she was doing and try it out, it was that d e l i c i o u s . Honestly, I d i d n ’ t want to share i t


[Reviewed by George El Hajj]

very acclaimed restaurant has that wow factor that sets itself apart from others. It has that extra special something that can’t be easily replicated and its customers simply can’t get enough of. Whether be it a charming décor or the pleasant staff, as far as I am concerned, all of these fancy attributes don’t mean much without excellent food (but it sure doesn’t hurt to have them either). That being said, we have a good news, bad news kind of situation here. The bad news is that great restaurants are not easy to come by. The good news is, E

I have recently discovered the perfect restaurant that once you have visited, you will not forget any time soon. How would I know, you ask? Brace yourself as I tell you why this restaurant is one of the go-to eat spots on the island. What makes the French Olive so special? The French Olive is a chic gourmet destination where two of Europe's most popular cuisines are proudly represented. Typically, as with most things French and Italian, you can expect quality and it certainly does not disappoint in that regard. The restaurant located in 1 La Croisette (next to Porto Arabia 1) has a classic feel to it which reminds me of the early 90’s. It exhibits a unique dining atmosphere along with an array of options on the menu. So, what did you order? First of all I couldn’t decide whether to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. But considering that it was a weekend and I didn’t exactly wake up on time, I thought brunch would be a fitting choice. As I entered the place, I felt the aroma in the air. If I didn’t know what to expect before walking in, that quickly began to change. I was greeted by the waiter who was warm and welcoming. As I was guided to my seat, I could not help but notice the fragrant food platters which other waiters were taking to diners at a nearby table. Ever get that Champs-Élysées feeling? The kind of atmosphere where you can sit for hours and enjoy your well-earned moment.


i t w a s i




good, i knew I’d be c o mm i t t i n g

choice of ingreidents but if theres one thing I can tell you for sure, it was nothing short of delicious. It was fresh and crunchy (just the way I like my salad) with a zest of lemon which wasn’t over powering. As a foodie, I was quite pleased with the generous portion size which when considering it only set me back QAR 50, it was good value indeed. When it came to deciding my main, I really had a hard time deciding. Now it may sound like a cliché, but I was really spoilt for choice. Pasta, Pizza, Burgers? Where do I start? I decided to get the help of the waiter who asked if I was a fan of pasta. When I replied affirmative, she was quick to point out the Fettucini Crema Funghi Pollo, a rich and creamy parmesan, mushroom and chicken,




hadn’t. was perfectly al dente, silky and extraordinarily so well prepared that our taste buds stood up and cheered. A QAR 50 salad and a QAR 65 Fettucini reminded me that that despite the era and community we live in, you can stay local, eat like royalty and most importantly, your pockets go unscathed. The restaurant staff were hospitable and provided polite, friendly and excellent service. So, if you have a craving for wonderful pasta, go to The French Olive and treat yourself to the real thing. You won’t be disappointed and it wouldn’t be your last visit either. It

21 Winter Style Checklist


Florals, florals, florals! Now, before you go all pessimistic on us, we guarantee you, you can never go wrong sporting a beautiful floral top, dress or scarf this spring. The best part? It can be worn with anything. If you’re out on business lunch or popping to the local grocery store, it won’t let you down. (bonus points if you tie a floral scarf around the handle of your tote bag).


Denim jackets have always been a popular spring option, a light wash neutral tone will let you blend in perfectly anywhere and stand out at the very same time (weird ey? Yh we know). It will take you from

Checklist STYLE

home to the grocery store, to the movie theatres and anywhere in between. You can wear your denim jacket over a casual shirt, t-shirt or a hoodie and look good effortlessly.

You can’t really pick up your spring essentials without throwing in some sweaters in there, can you? You should have at least one or two warm and comfy sweaters in your wardrobe and we’ll tell you why. Well, as a starting point, we’re assuming you know that sweaters are warm and that wearing them as a base layer when it’s cold outside is in your best interests. Secondly you can wear them in any situation without looking or feeling out of place. And most importantly, you can find it anywhere and everywhere, accommodating of all budgets and tastes. SWEATERS

TOTEBAG Hand handbags are pretty much your companion all year round, but this list would definitely look incomplete without a tote bag during spring. Tote bags are fashionable as well as functional. There are many quality, leather tote bags available that look stylish and make great everyday handbags. Importantly they’re roomy and can hold loads of stuff. You can fit everything that you will need for a day at work or play.

We can all agree that skinny jeans are pretty much a must have if you want to wear your ankle boots, they’re very easy to fit with your boots. Of course, you can also wear your boots with a SKINNY JEANS

skirts or a dresses but this is probably not be the best idea during spring. On the contrary skinny jeans are definitely a spring essential winner if you are looking to stay stylish.

For more details about our retailers visit and follow us on

You can also contact us on 44095155

22 Alfardan Service Center

23 Alfardan Service Center

'’ The Pearl-Qatar is the hotspot for luxury, and is extremely convenient in terms of accessibility for most of our clientele. We are flattered to provide them with the privilege of booking and of simply dropping off their cars at the service centre and spending their time enjoying the five-star amenities within the island while we do our job.’’

It is true that owners of Ferrari & Maserati in The Pearl-Qatar will need to service their vehicles, and that’s where the new service center comes in. This center has technicians who are manufacturer-trained. In most cases, they only work on specific kinds of brands. Gone are the days where inexperienced hands rip you off. The new luxury center is here for you. Clients can book for a prior appointment for vehicles’ check-up and service at the high-tech, well equipped service center, located at building 7, Medina Centrale.

The service center combines cutting-edge technology and functionality to deliver a highly interactive customer experience. Its plush lounges exclusively cater to clients seeking privacy and comfort while getting their car serviced in one of Qatar’s most sought-after luxurious settings. Commenting during the lauch event, Charly Dagher, General Manager of Ferrari and Maserati Qatar at Alfardan Sports Motors, said: “We are extremely delighted to open our, one of its kind service center for Ferrari and Maserati, at The Pearl-Qatar. Being the first dealership to open its service center in such an extraordinary location, Alfardan Sports Motors invested in such prime location to provide the highest standard of service.’’ “The Pearl-Qatar is the hotspot for luxury and is extremely convenient in terms of accessibility for most of our clientele. We are flattered to provide them with the privilege of booking and simply dropping off their cars at the service center and spending their time enjoying the five-star amenities within the island while we do our job.” This center is prepared to take Ferrari & Maserati enthusiasts in grand style and meet all of their vehicles needs. The revolutionary “dentistry clinic” at the new service center brings to bare the unique design style and innovation that the Italian car manufacturer‘s labels convey on owners, especially those living in Qatar.



lfardan opens its new World-Class Vehicle Service Center at The Pearl-Qatar. Alfardan Sports Motors, the official dealer of Ferrari and Maserati in Qatar, unveiled its latest service center at in Medina Centrale, a perfect fit that compliments the luxury and vibrant metropolis. Being the first of its kind among industry peers to open a dedicated luxurious automobile facility in the Andalusian A

inspired precinct, the new 2,107m2 facility features 20 working bays, equipped with the latest diagnostic tools especially manufactured to support the superior engineering of Maserati and Ferrari cars. In addition, the facility includes dedicated units for genuine parts, oil and filter service, electronic system updates, wheel balancing and change, programming, etc… However, if you’re looking for a new paint job, you’ll need to send your car to street no.2 in industrial area as the body shop remains there.

24 Ways to save water

16 Ways to save water

Make Every Count

2.Take short showers instead of baths A four-minute shower can use as little as 8 gallons of water. A bath typically takes between 50 to 60 gallons. In other words, you could take approximately 6-7 showers with the same amount of water used during one bath session.



Invest in a

Faucet Aerator

As the name suggests, this small device ‘aerates’ the water and reduces the Gallons per Minute (GPM) that flows through your faucet. Despite the fact the actual water passing through is significantly reduced by approximately 50%, the water still appears and feels to be highly pressurized leading you to perceive that more water is coming out of the faucet when in fact it’s not. These devices can be found in any plumbing/DIY store at under QAR 25 each. A sound investment, which is likely to show its worth in your next Kahramaa bill.

aving water means a whole lot, not because of the savings in money, but because fresh, clean water is a limited resource. Yes, ¾ of the world is covered in water, but obviously, this is not something we can’t consume unless it undergoes desalination, an expensive process. S

Water conservation is usually overlooked. This is one habit we as a community need to overcome and become more aware of the impact of misusing this limited resource. There are several simple ways in which you could save water. Let’s take a look at 5 helpful tips.

5. Wait till your Dishwasher/

Washing Machine is full

1.Watch out for Leaks According to research, water leaks account for over 10,000 gallons of water annually in an average household. You can save loads of cash when you check for leaks using tools and hardware. The most common offenders in this case are faucets, toilets, outdoor faucets and showerheads.

3. Don’t run the water whilst brushing your teeth

This is probably one of the most common bad habits many of us can’t shake off. For starters, have we ever wondered the amount of water wasted whilst we brush our teeth? It need not be. By simply shutting off the water, we are still able to get the same results and once we are ready to rinse, we can reopen the water.

In almost every family, you will find someone who tends to be more conservation-conscious than others. It’s that one person who will tell you, ‘hey don’t wash clothes every day, you’re wasting money’ that motto is in fact a good habit to adopt. In today’s day and age, things are becoming more expensive and if that was not bad enough, it can be annoying when a member of the family is rather careless and naïve to the reality of the world around them. We recommend waiting for a full load before hitting that ‘ON’ button. Not only because it saves you money on detergents, but also because it saves water, which in turn saves you money on your water bill. We would say, a double saving is better than no savings, but that’s for you to decide.

26 Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

27 Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs






So specfically, what are the good carbs?

Good carbs are charectarized by:

Bad carbs are charectarized by:


hat differentiates good carbs from bad carbs? There’s a lot of confusion any time this question pops up. So it’s important we demystify it and bring to light, vital information for you to know. Whole, unprocessed carbs are considered to be healthy. Some examples are sweet potatoes, bananas, brown rice, yucca, legumes and dates. All these foods have their nutrients intact and have been slightly altered to influence the nutritional value of the food. As a rule of thumb, the following applies to help you eat the right carbs: • Make sure your daily diet contains real food, that is, carbohydrates that actually come out of the earth. Instead of corn flakes, eat whole corn kernels. Go for an entire orange instead of orange 'vitamin water' or orange juice. Eat brown rice, not white rice. The less processed and refined the carbs that go into your system are, the healthier your body- and the leaner your waistline. • Stay away from fake carbs. Foods that emanate from the factories rather than soil are considered fake carbs. They have gone through excessive processing – nutrient stripped, fiber-stripped, fat, salt and water added.

• High in a huge variety of nutrients. • Lack refined sugars and grains. In some parts of the world, refined sugars such as corn syrup now account for more than 20% of the calories we eat every day. • Rich in naturally-occurring fiber. This not only helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels, but also poor

• Having high calorie density. • High amounts of refined sugars. • High amounts of refined grains like white flour. • Low in nutrients and fiber. • Containing high amount of sodium. • Contain high saturated fat, but not all the time. • Contain high cholesterol and trans, but not all the time. • Slow downs down your metabolism.

They are fresh vegetables; fresh fruit; whole grains such as oats, barley, quinoa, brown rice, millet and sprouted whole-grain bread; starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, yams, corn and legumes such as peas, black beans and pinto beans. So, Why are good carbs good for us? Let’s look at a few reasons below. Whole, unprocessed carbs are considered to be healthy. Some examples are sweet

LDL cholesterol. • Low in sodium. • Low in saturated fat. • Very low (often zero) cholesterol and no trans fats. A rich diet in good carbs can bring many benefits including a lean body and better health. On the other hand, diets which include processed carbs have a negative impact on your health which can be serious. The good news is that each and everyone of us is able to identify the good carbs from the bad ones. So next time you’re out doing your routine grocery shopping, make better a better informed choice.

potatoes, bananas, brown rice, yucca, legumes and dates.


Every 20 minutes between 05:00 to 24:00 hrs, 7 days a week

Airport Bus

Dear Valued Residents,

ROUTE 777 The Pearl to HIA

ROUTE 777 HIA to The Pearl

Please be advised that the beach near Tower 31 is now closed. As an alternative, residents are welcome to use Lido Venezia (the main beach) located in Qanat Quartier. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and offer our sincere thanks for your support. If you have any concerns, please email us via or call us at 800 6222


The Pearl (Medina Central)

The Pearl (Porto Arabia)

Corniche St.

Sheraton Hotel

Lagoona Mall

Sincerely, Community Services Department United Development Company

Ooredoo Tower

Asas Tower

Movenpick Hotel

City Center

Asas Tower

Beverly Hills

The Pearl (Porto Arabia)

Movenpick Hotel

The Pearl (Medina Central)

Sheraton Hotel

Corniche St.


Fare is QR 5. Day ticket can be purchased on the bus, or a rechargeable Karwasmartcard is available at Jumbo Electronics in City Center Doha Mall, Business Aid in General Post Office, Doha Bus Station & Hamad International Airport (HIA) - airside counter.

For Public Bus enquiries: 4458-8974 / 8650 For more information visit

Scan barcode for Routes schedule

30 Health and Fitness


Health and Fitness

M odestly said, The Pearl-Qatar is a great place to live, work and play. Simply put, there’s something rather extraordinary about this place. It has one of the best hoteliers in the region, an array of the best international and local restaurants, arguably some of the finest properties in the country and when you take into consideration everything it already has, its striking that somehow it always manages to get better and better. We are certainly a community like no other in the country and it is something we take great pride in, right down to the core. When we said ‘your community, our priority’ we meant every word. That being said, we are proud to introduce the latest fitness center on the island, The Venue. For those who are familiar with the fitness club, there is nothing left to say. For those who are not familiar with what to expect from The Venue, let’s just say it’s something you wouldn’t expect, literally. It’s one of those places where you wouldn’t believe it unless your own eyes have witnessed it.

The Venue is a males-only fitness club located in the iconic Pearl Tower 1. 8th floor to be exact. It offers an elite gym experience with mesmeric views of The Pearl and the Arabian Gulf. The grand opening launch of the gym took place on 7th January 2018. The event was attended by an esteemed delegation of sporting and respected members of the Qatari-community. The Venue Fitness Club is yet another example of how The Pearl-Qatar continues to attract the best fitness clubs in the country to open its doors at the doorsteps of its residents.

For more details about The Venue Fitness Club contact us on 40053932 or visit and follow us on

for the latest updates on what ’ s going on in the island


Health and Fitness

Don’t be

STEP YOUR SHOE caught off guard,



Chelsea boots are a stone-cold essential that every guy needs in his wardrobe. Its that boot that can only be worn and pulled off by suave guy. That guy who walks into the room, with the simple yet striking cologne, well groomed yet has a rough edge about them. You can rock these boots however you see fit! Light brown to pair up with your black jeans, dark brown to pair up with your denims or shinny black leather to go well with your work trousers. Theres choice, choices and more choices.


ood shoes take you to good places’ this is a quote commonly used by those who wish to argue that having good shoes is the single most important piece of fashion one can invest in. What do we have to say about it, well lets face it, shoes is the guilty shopping pleasure of many, and why wouldn’t it be? Sliding on a new pair of shoes gives you a special, untouchable feeling. As a female wearing new shoes, you feel more confident and the world is beneath you. As a man walking into the office with a fresh pair of oxford brogues, you have a twinkle in your step, your back is suddenly sturdier and legs, lighter. We’ve all been there and we would gladly go back. In this edition, we take a look at the must have shoes in 2018 which we hope will help you make a lasting impression.

Lilac won't be the only pastel shade to receive love in 2018. This year, shoe manufactuers are looking to turn the game on its head with a number of hues. Yellow, pink, blue, and mint hues are set to make their way into everyone's shoe closet. He’re at The Pearl-Qatar you’ll find a number of retailers, predominantly in Porto Arabia stocking up on these chic shines.



Is it just us, or has Adidas really stepped up its shoe game? (it’s a rhetorical question, so don’t answer that) But the point is, with a number of new designs, colours and materials, Adidas appeals to all ages and all preference types and the NMD series is the epitome of this. For those who are not familiar, NMD are addidas new range of sneakers which is short for Nomad. The footwear combines old design concepts with new technology, particularly primeknit and boost cushioning which makes it extra gentle on your heels. What we love about it, is the fact that you could use it as running trainers or to swag out your outfit for an afternoon out in Medina Centrale, how you see it is your call. But there’s one thing for certain, they sure look good no matter how its worn. NMD (UNISEX)

For a bit of 80’s reminiscence, you’ll want to scoop up a pair of slingback shoes. At a first glance, you’ll probably not know what to make of it. Its one of those things that looks amazing when someone else wears it and you get a chance to see it on someone elses foot, fully glammed with a complimenting attire. The slingbacks blends modern iterations like pastel and kitten heels to deliver a fresh feel for this season.




MAKE 2018 Career YOUR

Another year has just begun, and goal-setting is at the top of everybody’s list. If your career suffered a setback last year, don’t worry, 2018 can be the best thing that’s ever happened to your career if you let the



T Think Positive If you believe in your future success and you keep reminding yourself of it. Your mind begins to see it as a reality that its only a matter of time before it occurs. There’s no gainsaying that positive thinking gives you leverage. When you think positive at all times, you subconsciously turn an unfavorable situation to your advantage. This is possible because you have refused to give up; challenges will always succumb. It starts with a positive mind.


Show your talent We all have something which were talented in, we just need to discover it. If we already know, we need to work hard at it till we become the best at what we do. Talent can’t be taught, but it can definitely be awoken, If your mind is in the right place. If you work hard at something. Your good at, its not long before others start to take note. Before you know it, you name will be in the ears of the right people (in a good way).


Study the best This is one of the most overlooked aspects in career progression. In the modern era, technology has surpassed the need to do a bit of good old conventional reading. If

theres something you need guidance on, we can gurantee you someone else has been in the situation. There is a book on almost anything these days. Its common knowledge that many successful people in the world never stop studying, and they do it passionately. You can never give what you don’t have, so being open to studies gives you an edge—and there’s no better time to engage in it than now. 2018 is upon us and your career cannot take the back seat. Know what you want and go for it. Your career year has been given wings to fly!


Learn from Everything 2018 is yours for the taking only if you’re ready to give all it takes. There couldn’t be a better time to be open and learn new things. Your goals have to include learning about new things, especially those that will benefit your career advancement. Set measurable and realistic goals toward this and move up your career ladder. Remember, wanting to impress your boss, is only a third of the task, knowing how to impress, is the second third and actually going on to impress him is the final third.

3 Look into the Future The future holds so much possibility and only those with an eye for it grabs the opportunities it holds Thinks of a small step

following principles guide you.

you would take right now to begin that move into your preferred future. Every goal targeted at giving your career a push will only come to fruition only if you can visualize how beneficial it would be in years to come. Lets say 18 months from now you want to move up into a managerial position. First of all, you’ll need to ensure you dress and behave in a fitting way. Secondly, you need to ensure you gain the trust and confidence of your peers and consistently take on the key projects.



Courtsey of @petrinapetra




30 M A R C H F R I D AY

4 PM


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