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I NTERSPEC I F I C BEGON I A F1 Begonia x hybrida Bionic ™

A powerful solution for both landscape and containers! • Distinguished by an exceptionally well branched and symmetrical plant habit that offers a superior pot and garden fill. • Excels in sun or shade and loves the heat providing season long color even in challenging environments. • Well matched bronze and green leaf varieties are easy to program to create uniform container and landscape displays. • Expands garden application options with self-cleaning, extra large flowers and a more vigorous plant habit than Tophat ™ .

KEY COMPETITORS for Bionic ™ BIG ® — Benary Megawatt ® — PanAmerican Seed Viking — Sakata

Bionic ™ Bronze Leaf Red 70109415

Bionic ™ Bronze Leaf Rose 70109447

Bionic ™ Green Leaf Pink 70109448

Bionic ™ Green Leaf Red 70109416

Grower Success At-a-Glance



DIMENSIONS 24–28” W x 20–24” H HABIT Upright FORMS Pelleted

EXPOSURE Full Shade–Full Sun RECOMMENDED CONTAINERS 1 pt., 1 qt., 1.25 qt., 2.5 qt., 3 qt., 1.5 gal. HB, 2 gal. HB, 3 gal. pot

1 qt.

Bionic ™ Bronze Leaf Red

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