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July 2017

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If someone promises to fix something once you hire them, but then they don’t do squat once they have the job, they should get fired — plain and simple. Six months into Trump’s presidency, it’s clear he’s not doing the job we hired him for. You only have to look at the Veteran’s Administration to see that. Right now, the VA has 45,000 open positions, a number that has not changed significantly since Trump took office. No wonder veterans can’t get the care they need. There’s a three- to four-YEAR waiting period for disabled veterans trying to get taken care of, because there’s nobody there to take care of them! Imagine going into a new doctor’s office. Nobody’s at the front desk; the place is crowded and massively understaffed. Even with an appointment, you have to wait three hours to see someone, and sometimes you get told to come back the next day.

Would you go back to an office like that? Absolutely not. But that’s the situation our veterans — men and women who fought for our liberty — find themselves in today. It’s especially disgraceful this month when we celebrate Independence Day. We wouldn’t have that independence without servicemen and servicewomen, and this is how our government repays them? I’ve seen clients try to get the treatment they need time and again, and every time, I know how it’s going to end. But thanks to the federal bureaucracy, it doesn’t matter. We have to keep playing the same foolish game while American heroes lose both time and health to the underfunded, understaffed behemoth that is our Veterans Administration. If you want to know who to blame, look no further than the bunch of idiots we have in Washington — including the president, who ran as a man of the people but clearly doesn’t care about taking care of

actual American heroes. Some people might say that he hasn’t had a chance to “drain the swamp” yet, but I think if you can’t do the job you should resign. “Are we really stuck with this president for another 3½ years?” When he was on “The Apprentice,“ Trump made a big deal out of firing people who couldn’t do the job. Well, I say we fire him and keep on firing right down the line. Forty-five thousand unfilled positions at the VA? Why don’t we make our politicians fill those jobs until we can hire some competent, qualified medical professionals to do it full-time? Oh right — because our politicians are even less qualified to hand people numbers at a VA clinic than they are to run a government. If you can’t do the job, resign or be fired. It’s as simple as that. – Wade Coye


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