Talking About Alcohol

Know the facts STARTING THE CONVERSATION As a parent, you can play a critical role in preventing your child from using alcohol.The key is having high-quality conversations. Keep in mind, research shows that parents who read these topical guides or the full handbooks found online at , and then have conversations with their child are far more effective. So what’s the first step after reading these materials? That’s simple, get started. Kids who start drinking young are seven times more likely to be in an alcohol-related crash. Adolescent drinkers perform worse in school, are more likely to fall behind, and have an increased risk of social problems, depression, suicidal thoughts and violence. High school students who use alcohol or other substances are five times more likely to drop out of school or believe good grades aren’t important. The earlier youth begin drinking alcohol, the more likely they are to have life-long alcohol problems. TALK! Talking about alcohol is not a one- time conversation. It’s not a box to check. It’s an ongoing, intentional and potentially lifesaving dialogue. Talk early, and talk often. • • • Did you know? •



Starting the Conversation

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