Firsts 2021 - Saatchi Gallery

Fi r s t s 2021

FLEMING’S NOTEBOOK FOR YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE 33. FLEMING, Ian MANUSCRIPT NOTEBOOK Containing notes taken during a trip to the Far East, including source ma - terial for ‘You Only Live Twice’. [1959]. Small perfect bound pocket notebook with cloth-backed card covers. Square-ruled paper, 54 leaves of manuscript notes by Fleming written in blue biro written mostly on rectos, with oc - casional striking through in pencil or red biro. An extraordinary insight into Fleming’s creative process and the painstaking way in which he recorded everyday details of the exotic surroundings he later described in his books. Signif - icant Fleming manuscript material is profoundly uncommon in commerce, the majority of material now being held by Lilly Library’s Fleming collection. This remains one of the very last pieces in private hands. £95,000

THE CREATION OF AN ICONIC DUSTWRAPPER 32. FLEMING, Ian; CHOPPING, Richard ARCHIVE FOR THE DUSTWRAPPER OF ‘FOR YOUR EYES ONLY’ October 14 1959 - April 14 1960. A collection of correspondence and artwork, comprising eight - een letters between Fleming, Michael Howard (his contact at Cape) and Richard Chopping relating to the production of the dustwrapper design for ‘For Your Eyes Only’, and all Chop - ping’s preliminary sketches and drawings for the jacket. An extraordinary archive which charts the design and con- struction of one of the iconic dustwrappers in the James Bond sequence. £75,000


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