Button Law Firm November 2018


Distracted driving is an epidemic that is finally getting the attention it deserves. This case was one step in the right direction. Read about how the team at the Button Law Firm helped our client receive closure after being seriously injured. When hardworking people are injured in our community, we care. We want to help them get back on their feet, get the medical treatment they need to recover or do the best they can to get back to work, and hold the companies and people who caused the injury accountable. This case was no different. Read about how we helped a hardworking man from Fort Worth, Texas, get the medical treatment he needed, get his medical bills paid, and close the case for the full insurance policy limits quickly and efficiently. WHAT HAPPENED TO SHAWN? In May 2017, Shawn was seriously injured when a woman driving home from work was distracted leading up to a red light. The defen- dant driver did not stop or slow down when she saw red. Shawn was turning left, and it resulted in a near head-on crash in the intersec- tion. Shawn was seriously injured, and his car was totaled. He lost work and needed significant medical treatment to get back on his feet to start working again. HOWWE HELPED SHAWN KEEP HIS LIFE MOVINGWHILE WE HANDLED HIS CASE Shawn was recommended to us by one of our amazing subscribers to our monthly newsletter, Hot Button Issues. Right away, Shawn knew he was in good hands. As soon as he signed up with us, we were able to help him with these three important things. 1. PROPERTY DAMAGE Shawn’s car was totaled. The defendant driver’s insurance company wanted to delay paying Shawn the full value of his car. We got involved and were able to help Shawn get a rental car, the full value of his totaled vehicle, and his prior car loan closed out without paying the gap amount. If you want to learn more about how to handle your own property damage case, check out our free consumer guide on our website, “Need Your Car Fixed After A Wreck? A Step-By-Step Guide To Handling Your Property Damage Claim.” 2. PROPER MEDICAL TREATMENT Shawn was seriously injured and went to the emergency room that night. When he got home, he tried to rest. He knew that he wasn’t going to recover in a day or two, so he needed the best chiropractor in DFW. We helped him find the best fit for him and his job. This chiropractor worked with Shawn and referred him to a few other specialists Shawn needed as well. In the end, Shawn got back to work with moderate pain and eventually recovered after several months of treatment.

3. DEALINGWITH THE INSURANCE COMPANY Shawn got us involved so we could guide him through the different aspects of the case while we took care of the legal work. We were able to work with the defendant’s insurance company. As soon as we realized Shawn’s damages exceeded the defendant’s insurance policy, we immediately made a policy limit demand. When they refused to respond, we filed suit and told the defendant driver that the only reason we had to sue her is because her insurance company did not respond to us. As soon as the lawsuit was filed, we worked quickly and were able to get the insurance company to see the big mistake they made. Within 60 days of filing the case, the full policy limits were paid. Shawn received the closure he needed, the compensation he deserved, and peace of mind knowing that he was in good hands with our law firm. A LESSON SHAWN LEARNED EVEN THOUGH THE FULL POLICY LIMITS WERE PAID As I have discussed in the past, written about numerous times, and have many videos about, we encourage all our clients to make sure they have UM/UIM coverage as well as PIP coverage. Over 20% of drivers on our roads in Texas do not have auto insurance. That is scary! If you are hit by a driver who does not have insurance, your only course of recovery is uninsured motorist coverage. More importantly, Shawn learned in this case to make sure he has underinsured motorist coverage. This is because far too many drivers who cause wrecks in Texas do not have enough insurance for the serious injuries or wrongful death cases that we handle. If our clients do not have UIM coverage, the defendant’s insurance policy is all we can collect. Oftentimes, it leaves our clients needing more with no course of action. We started our VIP program for our amazing clients. Because so many of our clients refer their friends, family, or members of the community to us to handle cases, we want to give back. One of the ways we give back to our VIP members is to review their auto policy to make sure they have proper coverage. Do you want to make sure your family is properly protected? If the answer is yes, go to ButtonLawVIP.com and send in your auto policy to get reviewed by our team once you receive our exclusive VIP email! WHYWAS THIS CASE IMPORTANT TO PREVENT DISTRACTED DRIVING? This case could have been avoided if the defendant driver was not dis- tracted. Distracted driving can be caused by many things — a phone, a passenger, looking off to the sides, or not paying attention. Here, the distracted driving led to running a red light and seriously injuring a hardworking man. Next time, it could cause a death. Let this be an example to stop driving distracted.




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