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INSIDE THIS ISSUE PG 1 Thank You for a Wonderful 2017!

PG 2 3rd Annual Patient Appreciation Event Update on Our Future Home

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PG 4 Books to Inspire You in the New Year

for 2018 sharing everyday space adventures to letting us in on the physical toll space takes on the body, Kelly helps us understandwhat it’s really like to be in the great unknown. If you’re looking for inspiration in the newyear, reading about Kelly’s harrowing year of challenges will surely give you the courage to overcome your own.

Your Reading List Can you believe 2017 is almost over? Elections, weather, and just about everything on the news left us feeling uncertain, andwe could all use a dose of optimism in the newyear. Here are some books that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit, even in the most challenging situations.

Finding Forrest When an actor tries their hand at other creative mediums, the results are varied, but the buzz about TomHanks’ newbook, “Uncommon Type,” has been largely positive. His literary debut is a collection of 17 short stories, all featuring, in some way, a typewriter. At their heart, though, the stories are about human relationships, and Hanks manages to inject his most memorable character’s charm into his writing. As NPR reviewer Heller

IfYou Loved the ‘Divergent’ Series Veronica Roth brings us a new sci-fi/fantasy series with “Carve the Mark.” Roth whisks us to a planet where each person has a “currentgift,” a special power they develop. But for heroes Cyra and Akos, currentgifts are more of a curse. The two must work to overcome their distinctly different pasts and unite to save their world — or die trying.

WhenYou Need a Hero School is tough, and no one knows it better than George Heffley. In installment 12 of the “Diary of aWimpy Kid” series, titled “The Getaway,” Jeff Kinney takes us on a tropical vacation with the Heffleys as they attempt to escape the cold weather and frenzy of the holidays. But the island isn’t the relaxing sanctuary it’s supposed to be. The suggested reading age is 8–12 years old, but this book would make an excellent listen for the whole family during a road trip of your own.

McAlpin puts it, “In a worldwhere the news is unrelentingly bleak and much fiction tends toward the dystopian, postapocalyptic, dark, or edgy, this is a gentler, sweeter kind of storytelling than we’ve come to expect.” Overcome a HarrowingYear Few have done more to earn the title of modern-day hero than Scott Kelly, who has served as a military fighter pilot, an engineer, an astronaut, and now, an author. “Endurance” is Kelly’s memoir, and it recounts the year he spent on the International Space Station. From

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