Focus on Redmond - Spring 2018

MeetYour City Council Redmond has seven councilmembers who are elected by voters to adopt the City budget, establish law and policy, approve appropriations and contracts, levy taxes and grant franchises.

S O U N D T R A N S I T : Light Rail Construction Moving Right Along

Written by Ryan Bianchi, Sound Transit Community Outreach Division

relocated bus and shuttle stops, demolished buildings and began ground work for the future station platform and 350-stall parking garage. Current work at the Overlake Village Station site includes utility relocations and construction of a stormwater runoff filtration vault. Guideway columns and girders will begin to be visible in Redmond this year. Cranes, excavation equipment and a lot of rebar can be seen in Bellevue, Mercer Island and Seattle. Tunneling crews have excavated more than half of the Downtown Bellevue tunnel, and work has begun to retrofit the I-90 floating bridge for light rail.

Sound Transit’s East Link Extension Project kicked off construction in the Overlake area in the summer of 2017. Though we are still five years from opening day, anyone who travels the corridor can see that the entire 14-mile route is already under construction. East Link – construction from Redmond to Seattle East Link’s most visible work in Redmond started last summer when crews closed the Overlake Transit Center Park and Ride to make room for construction of the Redmond Technology Center Station. Crews

Jeralee Anderson Position #6

Angela Birney Position #5 President

David Carson Position #7 Vice-President

Downtown Bellevue tunnel excavation

Steve Fields Position #2

Hank Margeson Position #3

Hank Myers Position #1

Tanika Padhye Position #4

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