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By John Oberer, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. Understanding New Jersey’s LSRPs and how to find the right one


of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection guidance. But LSRPs also may use guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency, the environmental agencies of other states, or- ganizations with technical ex- pertise, or other appropriate methods and practices, based on the professional judgment of the individual LSRP. Nearly all site remedia- tion projects in New Jersey need an LSRP to guide them through the regulatory pro- cess. All LSRPs know New Jersey’s environmental regu- lations and must pass an ex- amination. But selecting the right LSRP for your project is crucial. Developers and others considering an LSRP should keep the following tips in mind: • Share your business ob- jectives with your LSRP, and hire an LSRP who under- stands them. • Communication is key between project participants and your LSRP. In land de- velopment, this includes your geotechnical engineer, archi- tect and general contractor. For ongoing compliance work, it also includes your facility personnel, legal team and risk management team. • Understand the limita- tions and obligations of the LSRP’s license and require- ments, and the timelines nec- essary to comply with rules and regulations. • Don’t let anyone “blind you with science” acronyms or imprecise language. Ask questions and insist that the conversation be put in terms that make sense to you. A good LSRP will be able to do this for you. • Set the expectations for how you can best be reached, what type of communication you prefer, and how often. The goal of any remediation project is to improve the site for future beneficial use. By hiring the LSRP that best fits your organization, remedia- tion will proceed quickly and smoothly. John Oberer, LSRP and president of the Licensed Site Remediation Profes- sionals Association, is an Associate principal of GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. an environmental and geotechnical consulting firm with offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia. n

reated in 2009, New Jersey’s Licensed Site Remed i a t i on Pr o -

LSRPs and streamlined the state’s environmental regu- lations, LSRPs have helped reduce the health and safety threat of contaminated sites and returned many sites to productive use. In fact, active cleanup to remediate contamination is being conducted at more contaminated and underuti- lized sites than at any time in New Jersey’s history. Still, many people and organiza- tions, including developers and commercial real estate buyers, may not know what the LSRPs are, what they do,

and how to find the right one. Let’s start with some back- ground. The LSRP program was modeled from a similar pro- gram in Massachusetts to address a backlog of 18,000 active cases, then under New Jersey Department of Envi- ronmental Protection’s over- sight. LSRPs have been active and busy since the program was created, often at sites where former industries left brownfields not usable for future needs, and their work has paid off. More than 85% of sites that

had been stuck in the inves- tigation phase since prior to 1999 – 10 years before the LSRP program was created - now have completed inves- tigations. To perform their role ef- fectively and meet the re- quirements of New Jersey law, LSRPs use their techni- cal and scientific expertise and professional judgment throughout the remediation process. LSRPs, through the Li- censed Site Remediation Pro- fessionals Association, par- ticipated in the development

f e s s i o n a l (LSRP) pro- g r am h a s transformed the process for cleaning up contami- nated sites in the Gar- den State for the better.

John Oberer

Along with the New Jersey Site Remediation Reform Act, which established the rigorous licensing process for

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