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By Walter H. Hungarter, III, P.E., RT Environmental Services, Inc. Montgomery County Pennsylvania Brownfield Redevelopment: Another project underway


the Remedial Investigation and Cleanup Plan, which proposed a Site Specific Standard via pathway elimination. The Act 2 Final Report for groundwater was submitted in December 2016 and was approved by PA DEP in Janu- ary of 2017, which allowed for construction to get underway in February 2017. The Cleanup Plan for soil at the site proposes capping the limited area of soil. Upon implementation of the soil Cleanup Plan, as part of site redevelopment, a Final Report for soil remediation will continued on page 9C

s manufacturing facil- ity operations contract over time and sites

s c a l e ba c k and/or cease operat i ons , environmen- tal liabilities may l inger at sites, and need to be ad- dressed prior to sites being

Walter Hungarter

To facilitate the redevelop- ment of the site, the property was entered into the PA DEP Land Recycling Program (also known as Act 2) which docu- Lower Providence Township

The Courts at Brynwood

redeveloped taking into account the limited soil and known groundwater impacts. By the end of 2014, PA DEP approved Manors at Brynwood

redeveloped. Prior owners and/ or operators of a facility or potential new buyers with a desire to redevelop a site into a more economically productive reuse are left with the task of how to manage the environ- mental liabilities in a manner which is protective of human health and the environment. These types of sites are con- sidered Brownfield Sites, and Montgomery County Pennsyl- vania is no stranger Brownfield sites being redeveloped. RT Environmental Services, Inc. (RT) is proud to be involved with a project in Lower Provi- dence Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania which has just begun construction re- development in recent months. The property is located near Germantown Pike and Cross Keys Road, and is the location of the former Superior Tube Company manufacturing facil- ity. The planned site redevelop- ment includes 12 single family homes (Manors at Brynwood) on a cul-de-sac and 139 town- homes (The Courts at Bryn- wood) situated around three courtyards, creating the feel of neighborhoods. The Manors at Brynwood are being developed by Marc Salamone Homes, and construction is currently underway. The Courts at Bryn- wood are being developed by WB Homes, and construction is planned to begin in the Fall of 2017. RT began working on this project in 2014 which involved an intense due diligence pro- cess that included a review of prior and current environmen- tal reports associated with the former Superior Tube Company manufacturing facility. RT also completed a series of focused soil investigations at the prop- erty. The soil investigation work concluded that there was only one area of the site which had only limited amounts of impacted soil present. Prior reports also indicated that im- pacted groundwater was pres- ent beneath portions of the site.

mented the remedial inves- tigation work completed and proposed a Cleanup Plan by which the property could be

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