EXPLO 2020 Teacher Recommendation Form [Domestic]

You must submit a teacher recommendation if: (a) You did not attend EXPLO last year (b) You are applying to a concentration (c) You are applying for a scholarship

Teacher Recommendation Form


TO BE FILLED OUT BY APPLICANT Final acceptance to the Program is contingent upon the receipt of this evaluation. Please complete all information in the two boxes on the page, except for the evaluator’s signature. Give the form, along with a stamped envelope addressed to EXPLO, to a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal who knows you well. Address the envelope to: EXPLO, The Exploration Center, 932 Washington Street, Norwood, MA 02062



Name of Student

Student Phone

Student Address

Under the provision of the Family Rights and Privacy Act, I waive any right of access that I might have to this evaluation form.

Signature of Parent/Guardian


TO BE FILLED OUT BY EVALUATOR Upon completion of this form, please sign below and return the evaluation directly to EXPLO.

Name of Evaluator

Evaluator’s Email

School Name

School Phone

School Address

Signature of Evaluator


How long have you known the student?

Please indicate the student’s current grade level:

In what capacity do you know the student?

Are you currently instructing, coaching, or advising the student:



To my knowledge, this student has not been involved in a serious infraction of school/community rules or laws. True False If false, please explain on the next page.

Teachers, Guidance Counselors, and Principals: The purpose of this evaluation is to help us better serve students during their summer at EXPLO. We strongly encourage you to be candid and thorough in your responses. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We appreciate your assistanc e. About EXPLO: Exploration Learning (EXPLO) is an international leader in education innovation that inspires students and teachers to explore the world of people and ideas, and to experience the joy of learning in pursuit of purpose and meaning. EXPLO Summer Programs serve students from 40 states and 70 countries in grades 2-12. In addition, EXPLO provides year-round professional development and curriculum design for educators and executives, and consulting services for similarly-spirited nonprofits around the globe. While we serve and welcome students with a broad range of abilities, all of our students should be enthusiastic about participating in a program of this kind. Many students are introduced to our summer programs by their teachers, and we welcome your referrals. Students come to EXPLO from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we offer a financial aid program to ensure that all socioeconomic groups are represented.

For further information about EXPLO, please visit our website at www.explo.org or contact us at 781.762.7400.

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