Beaumont Family Dentistry September 2019

BEAUMONT’S Beautiful Smiles

SEPT 2019

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When we were teens, Kyle and I used to laugh about the idea of becoming dentists and working together, and now that’s a reality! The fact that it actually happened is mind-blowing, especially when considering I decided my career at 14. In high school, I was in a program where I shadowed several different dentists. My enthusiasm for the profession grew through the combined efforts of all the dentists I had the opportunity to shadow. It was these dentists, my uncle, and Dr. Takacs that were the biggest influences in my career. Dr. Takacs and my uncle always put in the effort to get to know the people who sat in the chair. I’ve seen Dr. Takacs and her patients laughing and chatting together about their families many times. That’s just one of the aspects I love so much about working at and being a part of Beaumont Family Dentistry. It’s been a lot of fun getting established here over the past five years, both getting to know the team that I’m a part of and growing close to my patients. Some patients who I first treated while they were in elementary school are now starting high school, and it’s really amazing to be a part of that longevity. I sometimes marvel aloud whenever I see one of their old pictures and say to them, “Look how much you’ve grown!”

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be involved in the health care industry. I wanted to work with people, and dentistry always seemed the most interesting field. My uncle was my family dentist, and we were always really excited to see him for our dental appointments. Watching him, I saw how much he enjoyed his work, and that inspired me to pursue a dentistry career. When I was in high school, around 14 years old, I played soccer with Kyle Golibersuch and met the rest of her family, who became something like my second family. Most of my summers were spent at their house, and we used to joke that I lived there because of how often I was with them. Dr. Trish Takacs and her husband were like other parents to me, and Kyle and Ryan were like my sister and brother. One of the most inspiring aspects of spending time with them was having the chance to watch Dr. Trish Takacs as she balanced her family and career. Being a woman, it intrigued me that Dr. Takacs not only had a big professional career she was successfully navigating but that she also attended every soccer game that Kyle and I had, on top of driving us all over the place on weekends. By watching her, I realized I could pursue a health care profession as well as start a family.

Creating that sort of atmosphere is really what makes Beaumont Family Dentistry so special. I’ve known Kyle and her family for a long time, and working with them alongside all of our wonderful patients is exactly like being with family. Everyone has been so wonderful here. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. –Dr. Katie Bowen


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