January 2019 Turn-Key Newsletter

Remaining On Top of Maintenance With continuous growth each year, our company gains more employees and more pieces of equipment. With this, comes more repairs, which our Fleet Maintenance department is responsible for. Our vehicles cannot only look good, but they must also function properly in order to help us stay profitable. Our Fleet Maintenance department is asking everyone to look at their oil change stickers and be aware of any mechanical issues, so we can stay on top of our vehicles’ preventive maintenance and prevent small issues from becoming larger issues. In turn, this means faster vehicle turnaround times, resulting in more profit. James Lewis, Fleet Maintenance Department Manager

Positive Feedback

Town Hall Recap On Friday, Janaury 11, we held our first “Town Hall” meeting to discuss business operations strategies with our office staff. The meeting focused on how we have developed our foundation for success, building our industry’s best teams and how we will succeed in 2019 and beyond. Foundations for success include following our developed business plan, which utilizes our comprehensive Customer Project Employee Process Flow. This process flow provides a sequence of steps that develop long-lasting client relationships, industry best project execution, safety and profitability. Emphasis was put on how we are developing championship teams that integrate our skillsets through teamwork and collaboration. Keys to success include: • Seamless communication • Commitment to internal and external trust • Challenging each other to be the best • Holding each other accountable

Air Compressor Brian,

Your technician ( Ed Lawrey ) came out today at 8:00 AM. He did a great job as we walked through each issue together. He has addressed all

issues and completed them. Thanks for the prompt service. Curt Thompson Federal Resources

Photo by Wade Pietszyk Diamond Electric: CSZ Piping

• Being empowered to make a difference We will achieve our future goals together. One team, one mission, one goal. Lee Sellenraad, CEO

Caught in the Act Safety Integrity Teamwork Dedication

Alec Ervinck, Justen Cage Dedication

Fred True, Dennis Mosher, Deanna Harke Teamwork

“Fred, Dennis and Deanna assisted me with a new process and have been very helpful and patient while everything gets sorted out.”

“A job required a late-night shutdown. After being asked earlier that day, Alec and Justen both worked their scheduled shift, then agreed to return at 11 p.m. to perform the shutdown.”

Positive Feedback

Cindy Tavi Teamwork

Electrical, Mobile Crew, Weld/Fab Chris,

Bob Harriger Teamwork, Dedication

“An employee had some really great things to say about Cindy. Most recently, that Cindy took the time to go through his benefits with him and that she is always very patient with any questions he has.”

“Bob talked so highly of Lee to another company that they got in touch with our Sales team and are now a potential customer.”

As we discussed today, your crews did a fantastic job yesterday on the scale installation project. There was a tremendous amount of activity in a tight area with them doing their work and our employees trying to run production at the same time. The Lee employees did a great job of working with and respecting our employees as everyone worked in that area. They successfully completed the work without any incidents. Likewise, I would like to commend the crews (Mobile Crew: Dennis Schueneman, Zachary Hall ; Weld/Fab: John Ergen, Matt West ) and especially the Electrical crew ( Eric Hund, Andrew Hulsmeyer, Brian Nowicki, Kevin Kuraski ) for cleaning up after themselves. Before leaving, they made sure their mess was cleaned up and disposed of. They left the working area arguably cleaner than it was before they started the work, which was a huge help to our employees as they restarted the lines. I really appreciate all of the coordination throughout this project and look forward to working with you again soon! Sean Catt Asahi Kasei

Marc Neiman Teamwork, Dedication

Dave Klekotka Teamwork, Dedication

“When asked a simple question, Marc took it upon himself to locate a vendor and get pricing, saving the employee significant time and allowing him to keep working on other pending requests. Marc is continuously going the extra mile to help his co- workers.”

“Dave approached management with a tremendous idea to move our company into the dust collection systems scope of work along with a client who had an immediate need.”





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