Identify and mitigate musculoskeletal risks in the workplace

Cardinus has partnered with Longitude6, an Australian company specialising in Industrial ergonomics and workplace injury cost reduction. Longitude6 use sensor and motion capture technology to analyse a broad range of repetitive, every day activities undertaken by Industrial workers. This data identifies the risk of workplace related injuries before they happen.

Identify and mitigate musculoskeletal risks in the workplac e

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Provide the best risk solutions for your workers

Cardinus Risk Management and Longitude6 have developed the most innovative method of sourcing the cause of risk activities within your workplace. We provide a unique and dynamic program of assessments of the job tasks your people undertake. The program analyzes each worker’s functional capacity to provide you with a validated plan of how to reduce your high risk job tasks. The Wearable Sensor Technology quantifies the musculoskeletal risk of tasks in the workplace by providing video analysis and objective data. This gives you insight into the level of risk associated with each task and identifies contributing risk factors.

The Motion Capture Technology determines the mobility and stability positioning of an individual’s musculoskeletal system, the ability to gauge a worker’s functional capacity and place them in a role that is most suited to their existing condition and, if required, further intervention is available to facilitate Fitness for Work rehabilitation. We’ll assess the tasks carried out within your organization and the workers who perform them, to provide you with a complete evaluation. This will include guidance on the identified risks and suggestions on how to modify tasks to reduce musculoskeletal risks, in a practical, and priority-based manner.


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We’ll scope the operational requirements to determine best approach to use technologies, tailoring the best solution for your business.

Meet with us to determine activities and participants to be included in the assessments

Expert assessors use wearable sensor and

Analysis to present aggregate data of findings. recommendations and interventions from ergonomic professionals.

motion capture technology to carry out video and data capture for selected tasks and participants.

Wearable technology and risk reduction

Our world-class system integrates technology and data information into your organization’s risk reduction program to create a safer workplace. Wearable Sensors • Analysis of workplace job tasks • Development of data validated job descriptions • Process to reduce movement risk • Recordable training and education tools • Coaching and support of return to work employees post injury Motion Capture • Pre employment functional scanning • Post-employment baseline analysis for individual functional capability • Data based analysis of individual with a fit for work plan • Injury treatment and rehabilitation monitoring and benchmarking • Providing data for return to workplans and placement.

Current risk profile <Task name>


Substantial risks Top contributing factors Load handled - side bend - 45pts

Bend backwards - 30pts Forward reaching - 30pts



Engineering controls Administrative controls PPE

Potential controls 1. Review suitability and trial of adjustable trolleys and or handles to cater for different worker heights. 2. Determine whether more frequently used equipment/consumables can be placed in top drawers to limit squatting and crouching. technique and training using video and data. Particularly focused on handling trolleys to limit side bend. 3. Practical manual handling


Possible risks

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