PreferredPT: Hip, Knee & Leg Pain

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Knee pain or injury can affect nearly anyone whether you are highly active or fairly sedentary. There are many

The most common conditions we treat are Meniscus tears (pre and post op), Osteoarthritis, ligament strains toMCL or ACL, tendonitis, Patella femoral syndrome (i.e. related to the knee cap). The Key to a Successful Outcome is: • First decrease inflammation utilizing all modalities (ultrasound, laser, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy) • Increase mobility (soft tissue mobility, joint mobility and increase muscle flexibility ) • Build strength by doing specific exercises designed by your therapist at Preferred Physical Therapy • A home exercise program can maintain the strength and flexibility, decrease pain, and help you return to desired activities • Stay active; a decrease in activity level can contribute to the vulnerability of your knees

potential causes for non-traumatic knee pain, and physical therapy treatment may be the best treatment option for you. Common Symptoms. Understanding what is causing your knee pain is critical to ensure effective results. How old are you? Was there a traumatic event? Where is the pain located? Did the symptoms develop immediately or over time? When does pain occur? Appreciating all these symptoms as well as an in-depth physical examination will assist your therapist at Preferred Physical Therapy Associates in treating you effectively.

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