Other products are available as well, including napkins, coasters, ice cream cups, coffee sleeves and glassware. QR codes can also be printed on the products. While the product is disposable, the company values sustainability and eco-friendliness. “All our paper cups are recyclable or compostable. We also offer plastic cups with the #1 PET recy- cling symbol. Those are most widely accepted recyclable plastic cups on the market,” explained Lombardi. The company also offers a compostable plastic cup made from a vegetable-based plastic which breaks down within 40-60 days. Both cups and lids are 100% compostable. All Cup Store products are manufactured in Canada or the US. “We are proud to partner with Canadian manufacturers of cups. We discuss their environmental responsibility as well. They’re working to reduce their own carbon footprint and are continuing to explore newmaterial to increase recyclability. They’re also looking to create a closed loop – using recycled material to create the cup and then recycle that same material back into a cup so they aren’t going into waste.” If you’re looking for a source for disposable cups, take a peek at this Canadian company who spe- cializes in small volume printing with a quick turnaround. Not just a food and beverage industry supplier, The Cup Store is a marketing company for all industries that offers many products to get your brand literally in the hands of your customers.

The Lombardis have streamlined the ordering process while still offering personalized service. After customers contact The Cup Store, store consultants help determine what size and kind of cup or other product is needed based on the details of the event. “We ask a lot of questions. When is your event? Outdoors or indoors? How many do you need? Most cups are packed 1000 cups/ case and an event may need anywhere from 3000 to 20,000 cups depending the size of the event. We work with those quantities and put together price breaks for different quantities.” Depending on the quantity needed, there are different printing capabilities and options. Orders under 5000 cups are limited to one color imprint one each side. Multicolor logos and artwork can be done for larger quantities. Customers send in artwork and an art proof is put together for every job which identifies where the logo will be printed on the cup with specific pantone colours. After customer approval, the printing process begins.




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