spotlight on december W ith the Holidays just around the corner, I know many of us are looking to put what has been an unprecedented year of 2020 behind us and focus on putting our 2021 business or in some cases COVID-19 survival plans into action. Looking back on 2020 we had the pleasure of speaking with many small and medium sized business owners and to see these resourceful entrepreneurs in the eye of adver- sity pushed forward, changed strategies, and learned to adjust to a new business normal as government placed restrictions to control the spread of the pandemic where put into effect. We know that we still have many hurtles ahead of us as we move into 2021 given what we have seen in 2020 we are excited about the prospect of connecting, engaging and inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders as we move into the new year and the opportunities that will be made available in the new year. We hope that you enjoy looking back at some of our top stories from2020 as selected by you, our readers, and see if your favorite story received the Best of 2020 honors. Megan Callahan’s energy and drive are infectious. Her passion and entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring so we invite you to check out this month’s “in the spotlight” to learn more about this amazing energetic entrepreneur and the person behind Trim Design Interiors, which is a Newfoundland-based residential and commercial staging and decorating company. We wish our advertisers and loyal readers all the best in 2021 and we wanted you to know that we are extremely excited and looking forward to sharing more stories about successful businesses and brands, while spotlighting the people behindmaking it all happen.

T hank You

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We at Spotlight on Business Magazine would like to thank all First Responders for the difficult job they do every day by putting their lives on the line to help those in need especially during this pandemic you are all

Remember we are all in this together.

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