In many cases, we must adapt the existing home in order to provide accessibility or limit hazards. A few typical examples of renovations that can allow people to stay in their home are as follows: • Ramps or mechanical lifts at the entry or on stairs within the home • Accessible bathrooms with level entry showers rather than tubs and installing grab bars • Lever handle door knobs for ease of entry • Accessible sinks & toilets • Increase lighting or motion sensor lighting for safety at night These are only a few renovations to allow people, regardless of their ability, to remain in the comfort of their own homes as long as possible.

Cost of Care Facilities – To give perspective to the cost of care facilities versus the cost to help keep someone in their home with renovations, let’s project a few numbers. Let’s say that the average nursing home bed cost the taxpayer $200/day ($73,000/year per person). If significant renovations were required to a home (bathroom, kitchen, lighting, ramp/lift), it could cost approx. $100-120K, therefore, if a significant renovation could keep one person in their home for 2+ years, it would save taxpayers’ money and continue to grow the economy with renovation projects. If we keep a couple in their home, this starts to show significant savings. Unfortunately, provincial budgets only show cost, not savings! There must be a demand from taxpayers and persons with disabilities or lim- itations for the government to start investing in

“aging in place” renovations and actively choose to save taxpayers money and further stimulate the economy. Universal design, aging in place renovations, and government investment to help keep people in their own homes are all progressive tools to solve this issue. Canadians from coast to coast to coast must strive to be a model as a caring and respectful society in terms of being more inclu- sive for all people. I hope you have found this article both helpful and informative. My goal is to help educate and make the public more aware of the significant skill, professionalism, and organization that is required to be a Trusted Professional in the reno- vation and new home building industry.





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