The APPAREL 17 years ago, Lago obtained Canadian manufacturing distribution rights for Lazy One Sleepwear. “Lazy One has a strong brand image and it’s well known for matching family pajamas and sleepwear. It’s a good quality product and really fun, cozy designs,” says McTaggart. Lago Apparel handles its own manufacturing and importing. “From the conception of the garment to picking the fabric to getting it sourced overseas to the warehousing to the embellishment, we’re very involved,” said Lali. “Our production development and head of overseas production go overseas several times a year to see everything in person and make sure that it’s the quality and make sure the working standards are what they’ve been promised. “Our factories provide us with required certifications. We work with several government-based organizations which have certain requirements for manufacturing,” McTaggart says. Lago Apparel works with a variety of corporate customers across Canada suppling all their corporate apparel needs. Their customers include just about every industry from large corporations to small businesses and sports teams along with many shops in high tourism areas, retails stores and even hospital gift shops. “We have a very versatile line and a wide customer base. We even supply blank products to some smaller independent embroider and screen printers,” said McTaggart.

Low minimum orders, low lead times and fast turnaround times on custom orders are unique features of the Lago experience. Three in house graphic designers keep up with current trends, and work with customers to fulfill their specific vision. “Our sales team loves to have the face to face connection with customers. That fits our family approach and philosophy,” said McTaggart. “The sales team is mostly in house. We have 3 external reps & 4 internal reps for the whole country. Some of the companies we work with have been friends for 30 years. We were at a wedding for one of our customers last year. It’s really important for us to maintain that friendship over the years,” said McTaggart. Customer inquiries are initially directed to a sales rep and customers are provided with catalogs, price lists and other information. “It’s very common that within the first month of that phone call, we’ll actually show up at your location with samples to really help you get that initial order started,” said Lali. Once sales orders are written, the order goes into the production cycle which includes art graphics and garment proofs. “We don’t go to production until every- thing has been approved,” said McTaggart.

“Our sales team loves to have the face to face con- nection with customers. That fitsour familyapproach and philosophy,”





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