its. “We’re supporting small local businesses here in terms of farmers and producers. We have a local farm that uses our stuff in their compost as well as to feed their pigs. We have a local flower grower who uses it in her compost. After we’ve done our orange vodka or our limoncello, we take the lemons and oranges to the zoo and they feed them to the animals. Even if it’s something small, like coffee grounds going to compost for flowers, we try to use everything as much as possible and try to support anyone that we think might be able to carry it forward and use it more. We even use compostable tasting and cocktail cups. It’s always been really important to us for full cycle sustainability,” said Andrea. Black Diamond products can be found in over 20 stores within Alberta, scattered across the province. To best serve their customers, the dis- tillery now offers ONLINE ordering with options for curbside pickup (4 locations), and free delivery within the greater Edmonton area, plus the distill- ery will also ship orders anywhere across Canada. “We keep popping up in restaurants we didn’t even know about. Restaurant managers or bar staff will come and meet one of us at a farmer’s market, taste our stuff and buy bottles. Without us knowing, they’re taking it back and putting it in their restaurants,” said Andrea. However, the bulk of sales are from farmer’s markets and crafts shows, like the Signatures Butterdome. “We like to be face to face, to meet our customers and they get to meet us and learn our story,” said Andrea. It’s a story that will continue to grow as the dis- tillery has just released another BRAND-NEW product this past July so keep your eyes peeled for their line of ready-to-drink craft cocktails, perfect for sipping on patios while social distanc- ing and available for order online, at markets and in select local retail stores: see their website for locations and details. The couple is thinking long term for both the distillery and for the kids. “We barreled whiskey the week that Axel was born. It will be aged for 18 years. The drinking age here in Alberta is 18. We’re planning to do that for Ellis as well, but we haven’t gotten it in the barrel yet. Poor guy. He’s such a second child,” said Andrea.





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