Broker Participation Terms & Acknowledgement 2019

Broker Participation Terms & Acknowledgement

Note: You do not have to have a broker to buy property at auction.

Lot # 33 - if more than one property, attach a list of properties shown to Bidder/Buyer This form is VOID unless received via fax (888-481-5108) or e-mail ( by no later than 12:00 p.m. EST on the last business day prior to the auction date. Auction date: July 30, 2019 Property Address: Ingham County, Michigan A commission will be paid based on the following schedule to any properly licensed real estate broker whose Bidder/Buyer is the successful purchaser for property at Ingham County Treasurer’s Real Estate Auction and who actually pays the Total Invoiced/Statement Price for the Property within the time allotted by Ingham County. Payment made to Broker upon payment in full to by the County . Flat Commission amount of $500.00 for successful bids a the minimum bid. Flat Commission amount of $750.00 for successful bids at least 2 times the minimum bid. Flat Commission amount of $1,000.00 for successful bids at least 3 times the minimum bid. If 3% is higher, then 3% will apply. Maximum broker participation shall not exceed 3% of the High Bid. Oral registration day of auction will not qualify Broker for commission. Broker or Sales Associate MUST have shown property to the Bidder/Buyer or assisted him/her in the research regarding the purchase of the property you are registering them for and you MUST attend the auction with your buyer/client*. Broker/Sales Associate agrees that he shall hold harmless and indemnify , including its reasonable attorney’s fees, from any and all claims with regard to such commission. State Law requires that Broker disclose that they are principals in a transaction. Brokers acting as principals are not eligible for this commission. No registrations will be accepted Day of Sale. No exceptions will be made to the terms of this form. * You along with your Buyer/Bidder will need to check in with Karen on Sale Day, to qualify for the commissions. Name of Broker: Broker License #

Name of Company:

Name of Sales Assoc.:

Agent License #




, Zip:

Phone #:

Fax #

Email address:


Bidder/Buyer Name: Address: City:



Phone #: Email address: By signing below Broker/Sales Associate and Buyer/Bidder agree to the terms of the Ingham County Treasurer’s Real Estate Auction. I/we agree to the terms set forth herein. Date: Broker/Sales Associate Signature


Bidder/Buyer/Client Signature


Received by Date Brokers Please Note : Commissions will be paid upon completion of the terms and payment of the sale.

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