Hellebore 2022 PPL-Solution No 5

LINER-BILITY ® I N T R O D U C I N G 7 2 w e e k s f o r e c a s t e d


As the first plants to bloom in spring, Hellebores demand attention and will earn a special place in your perennial assortment. Our Frostkiss andWinter Angels Hellebores are a unique group of hybrids that have marbled foliage traditionally seen in ericsmithii types along with rich colored blooms usually seen in orientalis types. After over a decade of meticulous breeding work plus years of perfecting propagation practices we are able to bring to the US market the most exciting group of Hellebores seen in years.

There are many different types of Hellebore on the market today, so it is important to be knowledgeable with these varieties before beginning a program to be sure you get the results you expect.Three main categories of Hellebore are sold in the US, these include niger spp., orientalis spp. and hybrids.Frostkiss andWinter Angels Hellebore fall in the hybrid category; these are easy to grow when just a few key growing tips are followed. Unlike many orientalis spp. on the market which can take two years to bloom, our Hellebore line will bloom within one year from the time of planting and crops are very uniform from the point of overall appearance and bloom time.

pp&l is proud to offer liner - bility ® , one of the most accurate availability tools on the market, which makes it easier than ever to check future plant availability with our live 72-week schedule. — updated every hour at ppandl.com, liner - bility ® gives you fast and accurate updates on the availability of your favorite plant varieties.


LATER TO BLOOM & LONGER TO BLOOM Our Frostkiss series are later to bloom, unlike many niger types on the market. In general, these varieties start to bloom late January and will hold until April or later depending on the temperature. OurWinter Angels series will bloom a bit earlier than Frostkiss but both lines will hold on to flowers for many months after their initial bloom, these Hellebore are not once and done!

HEAT TOLERANT Hellebores and heat are two words that generally do not go well together. Our full line of Hellebore are successfully grown in very warm climates by following a few key growing tips. Curious what these are? Let us know, we can help. GUARANTEED UNIFORMITY Because our liners are born from tissue culture rather than seed, crops will be very uniform and easily row run. Another benefit to tissue culture is that crops will bloom in under one year, (crops from seed can take two or three)!

TWO SIZES & PLANTING SEASONS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Want to save some money? Start your crops in the spring using our 72 cell liners. Don’t want to over-summer your Hellebore crop? Start crops in the fall using our deep 32 cell to quickly fill pots for early spring sales. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Hellebores are not new to the US market but there is still a bit of mystery to growing a good crop. PP&L has teamed with the breeder of Frostkiss andWinter Angels to provide unparalleled growing support. If you need help or have questions, shoot us a line!

h e l l e b o r e s i z e s & ava i l a b i l i t y w i n d ow s

72 cell | weeks 5-15 ( once chance of frost has passed )|40-52 weeks of crop time

32 cell | weeks 35-40 ( once temps start to cool )|18-26 weeks of crop time

A 2.5 quar t to 1 gallon container is recommended. If a larger container is used it might not fill completely in the crop times above.

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