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You want your child to succeed - in school and in life. You and your family are your child’s rst and best teachers. But the people who care for your child when you cannot be there, are important too. When you are at work, you want your child to be in a child care that is safe, loving and stimulating. You want to know that your child is getting the right kind of care that all children need to be healthy, happy and ready for school. Quality child care is an important step to school success. Studies show that children in high quality child care programmes enter school with better math, language, right values and social skills. These skills will help your child to do well in school and in life. And that’s the magic we create with the children here at Kidz Care Kastle Day Care Centre. We aim to provide a welcoming, caring and appropriate learning opportunity for all the children. We provide an environment that ensures nurturing happy and condent children. We are an institution dedicated to moulding or guiding of mental and physical development of the children. Kidz Care Kastle follows all the procedures set up by the regulatory bodies to ensure the utmost care and also deal with any emergencies. We also ensure that our admission practice provides opportunity for all. Kidz Care Kastle

Creating Magic with Kids

Our Vision:

Our Objectives:

• To provide the children with a life long learning experience.

Providing Quality child care that lasts a lifetime, creating magic with kids

• To appreciate the individual dierences amongst the children as every child is unique and they develop at their own pace

To support the adults in providing a caring, loving and a secured homely environment away from home, for their children, that will provide them with, not only appropriate learning opportunity but also create the magic of nurturing happy and condent children Mission:

• To provide a great start for the children towards developing the love for learning.

• To nurture children with love and care

• To provide individualized care and attention

• To encourage exploration with senses

• To encourage discovery

• To encourage language, social, physical and cognitive development

• To enhance children’s natural desire to be life long learners

• To ensure parents have the access to the information about the child’s well being while they are at work

• To nurture happy and condent children

Day Care Admission

We conrm the admission at the Kidz Care Kastle day care on the following grounds:

• Availability of spaces - It is calculated after taking into account the sta/child ratios, the age of the child and the prescribed registration requirements.

• A child requiring a full-time place will usually have preference over a child requiring a part-time admission.

• If parents wish to change their contract with the centre and reduce their child’s attendance from full days to half days, places will be oered according to availability.

• We do not discriminate, and have no intention in the future of discriminating, against any child on the grounds of gender, race, religion, colour or creed.

• Parents are expected to ll in the admission form and sign the terms and conditions section of the admission form before their child/ children are admitted in the day care Centre.

Our Philosophy

• We are committed to ‘lifelong learning’.

• Our sta members are encouraged to be active leaders in the eld through continuous training.

• A value-centred curriculum is followed.

• Communication, cooperation with families and meeting children’s individual needs will be of utmost importance.

• The early childhood sta at the centre will serve as an integral part of each child’s family by recognizing the need for nurturing and respecting children’s own level of development.

• Playing outdoor every day in the fresh air and encouraging the children to respect nature.

Day Care Services

• Prompt Medical Assistance and care will be extended towards the children as and when required.

• Meals will be cooked and served hygienically. The menu for each day will be planned considering the nutritive value of the food served, also ensuring wholesome food is oered hygienically. • A rich play area with the best layout and furnishings is of utmost importance at Kidz Care Kastle, ensuring wide variety of materials used in all our indoor and outdoor areas. The area will be safe and challenging, arousing curiosity and creativity amongst the children.

• A weekly programme will be planned for dierent activities. A dance teacher, a music teacher and an art teacher will be conducting classes at the centre alternately for the children.

• The children who will be spending long hours at the centre will be encouraged to complete their homework at the centre itself.

Academic Guidance

Safe And Hygienic Environment

Homely, Caring Environment

Balanced Diet And Hygienic Food

We Provide

Child - Friendly Infrastructure

Extra Curricular Activities

Child Care Curriculum

Kidz Care Kastle curriculum oer experiences that help children learn about themselves and the world around them.

The child care curriculum includes:

• Planned activities

• Materials and equipments

• Interactions between children & care providers and amongst children

The Curriculum focuses on all areas of Chi ld Development:

• Cognitive / Intellectual: Numbers & shapes, counting, patterns, measurement, sense of space, art, movement and dramatic play

• Language / Literacy: Communication (listening, understanding and speaking), knowing about letters and words, sounds and patterns, knowing about print and books

• Social: Co-operation, positive social relationships, respect for others, knowledge about families and communities

• Emotional: Self control and knowledge about feelings

• Physical: Gross motor skills, ne motor skills, active play and health and safety

• Cultural: Awareness and appreciation of their own and others’ cultures

• Approaches to Learning: Initiative and curiosity, engagement and persistence and reasoning and problem solving

• The curriculum will be based on provider’s observations of the needs, strengths and interests of the individual child in care. It builds new experiences and expectations based on children’s previously learned knowledge and skills

• The curriculum will support children who do not speak English at home.

Key features of Kidz Care Kastle

Every child is unique and they develop at their own pace. At Kidz Care Kastle Day Care we plan our day’s schedule considering such individual dierences.

We assist the children on their journey to developing the age appropriate skills required for future achievement as per the developmental milestones.

1. Nurture with care and love: We understand babies enjoy being loved and cuddled. We ensure the caregivers nurture the babies with love and care; by singing, rocking the cradle & talking.

2. Sensory Exploration: We encourage our babies to learn by using all of their senses. Our educational activities, feature and include an assortment of sound and textured toys to foster development in key areas. 3. Individualized Care & Education: Individual lesson plans are developed to ensure that age-appropriate development and learning objectives are being met. The caregivers will work closely with parents to develop an appropriate eating and sleeping schedule. 4. Fine & Gross Motor Exploration: Development of small and large muscles and skills such as rolling from side-to-side and sitting up are a big part of our Infant Room’s daily schedule. We help our babies strengthen motor skills via various activities to help them acquire these skills. 5. Language Exploration: Our caregivers use facial expressions, verbal cues, and a variety of interactions to provide our babies with the building blocks of language. Peek-a-boo and pointing out simple objects of interest are integrated throughout the day. Our caregivers understand the importance of these interactions and how essential they are to language development. 6. Baby Signs: We encourage communication with children who may not yet be able to express themselves verbally, giving the infant a way to communicate their wants and needs through simple signs. 7. Social Development at a Young Age: Our caregivers realize the importance of the behaviours they are modelling. We stress on using “please” and “thank you,” taking turns, following instructions, and considering others. The child will learn how to make friends, share toys, and master other important socio-emotional skills.

We at Kidz Care Kastle help the toddlers explore the world around them and make new discoveries while developing their skills, which acts as building blocks for lifelong learning. Toddler ’ s World

Our school-age program oers the opportunity for children up to 10 years old to enjoy fun lled educational activities while developing friendship after the school bell rings. Activities like sports, music, art and dance classes will be conducted in the evening once the children are back from the school. We provide a welcoming environment where kids can create and build friendship, stay active and build condence. After school Activity sessions

1. On the Move: If the toddler hasn’t already started walking, our caregivers will support his or her newly found movement until he or she is steady on his or her feet.

2. Close Connections: When toddlers begin to move, their caregiver will be close behind to provide necessary support. While all the caregivers will have interactions with them, the majority of interactions will be shared between each toddler and a primary caregiver. 3. Exploring with the Senses: From painting to singing and cooing with the toddler, we encourage the children to use all of their senses to learn. Simple, yet educational activities are key to the overall well-being and growth. The child’s caregiver will observe each child as they explore the world around them and will include sensory exploration activities in their daily experiences. 4. Social Development at a Young Age: Especially with children at this age, our caregivers realize the importance of the behaviours they are modelling. We stress on using “please” and “thank you,” taking turns, following instructions, and considering others. In this classroom, the child will learn how to make friends, share toys, and master other important socio-emotional skills. 5. Language / Cognitive Development: Our Toddler Room reading learning centre is lled with books, letter cards, puppets and more to aid the children in language development. Our teachers work with the toddlers as they gain vocabulary in order to express themselves. 6. Gross Motor Development: Exploring outside is a favourite activity for most toddlers and our special toddler age-appropriate playgrounds make running and playing both fun-lled and safe. Our teachers will help the children master and develop balance and muscle control.

If your child is enrolled with us, we oer homework help as a service to help you free up your evenings for quality family time. With the help from parents and teachers, we follow a homework report outlining what needs to be done each day. Our day care teachers will provide feedback regarding homework progress each afternoon at pick-up time. While we cannot guarantee that children will complete each homework assignment before they depart, we will strive to provide the structure and support your child needs to complete his or her homework. Homework Help

Activities at the Kidz Care Kastle

• We will have xed timings for the activities.

• No child is forced to participate, but we do encourage the children to try out new things. The child has the liberty to leave the group at any point of time for a specic activity.

• We organize games and activities that stimulate them to learn actively and work out solutions for themselves, thus, strengthening their motivation, self-condence and independence.

• Depending on the age of the child, we organise trips, drama and dance lessons, musical activities or yoga sessions.

Day Care Timings

The day care will be operational from Monday to Saturday on all working days. The timings for he same would be 08:00 am to 06:00 pm

Day Care (Timing options)

Full day

8:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m

Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Fruits/ snacks and milk

8:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m (For 5 Hours) Including Breakfast & Lunch

Half day (Morning)

1:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m (For 5 Hours) Including Lunch & Snacks

Half day (Afternoon)

Also Available:

- Fees without lunch on a half a day basis (on a per day basis not regular)

- Fees with lunch on a full day basis (on a per day basis not regular)

Routine at the Day Care

Routine provides structure to the day and gives the children a sense of security. Starting the day together with a game, story or discussion, washing hands and singing a song together, eating, and a set pattern to saying hello and goodbye; are all routines that form part of each day.

For the preschool children, once the children are back from the school, the schedule will be as follows:

Freshen up

12.45 p.m


1.00 p.m

Afternoon nap

2.00 p.m - 3.30 p.m

Evening milk, biscuits

3.45 p.m


4.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m


5.00 p.m


5.15 p.m - 6.00 p.m

Extra Coaching / Activity classes with additional charges- 5:30 p.m – 6:30 p.m (optional)

Activity- Art/ Music/ Dance/ Dramatics/ Outdoor games (each activity will be conducted once in a week).

Day Care Meals


8:30 a.m


10:30 a.m


1:00 p.m

Evening - Milk and Biscuits

3:45 p.m

Snacks / Fruits

5:00 p.m

A chart will be maintained for each child for the meals and at the end of the day parent’s signature is mandatory in order to ensure that the parents are aware of children’s food habits and appetite. A weekly meeting with the parents will be organized in the evening every Friday.

The terms and conditions section of the application form, must be lled in completely and signed by the parents before the child/children are admitted in the Day Care Centre.

The Management

Ms. Rupa Choudhury

PRINCIPAL Hiranandani Trust School Panvel


Ms. Rupa Choudhury is the Principal of Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel, Navi Mumbai. She has over 25 years of experience in the eld of education.

She started her career as the Vice Principal and the In-charge Principal for Mansura Public School, Hyderabad. Under her leadership the total strength of the school increased greatly, across all the various standards. She shifted to Mumbai, joining Bunt Sangha’s S. M. Shetty High School, Powai. There, she was the rst teacher of a newly set up school but soon she was appointed as the In-charge Principal and Secondary Supervisor within a span of a single year. Later, she joined Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane and soon she was promoted as the Pre-Primary Supervisor. She was responsible for setting up & implementing the entire curriculum and activities for the Pre-Primary section of the Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane. Also, the subject; Psychology was introduced in the ISC section of Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane under the guidance of Ms. Choudhury. Since the rst batch of Psychology in the ISC section of Hiranandani Foundation School, the students were taught and trained by Ms. Choudhury and have come out with ying colours in the XII Board Exam under her guidance.

The number of students who have opted for the subject Psychology in the ISC section as an optional subject, has increased from 6 to 50 students within a span of 4 years since the rst batch.

Ms. Choudhury was appointed as an External examiner for the Board paper corrections. She has also been conducting Viva, as an external examiner for the XII Board Examination.




Hiranandani Fortune City, Bhokharpada, Taluka - Panvel, District - Raigad, NH-4, Maharashtra - 410206.

To know more:

Call: +91 9930298552 | Email Id: | Web:

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