Kidz Care Kastle | Daycare & Activity Centre

You want your child to succeed - in school and in life. You and your family are your child’s rst and best teachers. But the people who care for your child when you cannot be there, are important too. When you are at work, you want your child to be in a child care that is safe, loving and stimulating. You want to know that your child is getting the right kind of care that all children need to be healthy, happy and ready for school. Quality child care is an important step to school success. Studies show that children in high quality child care programmes enter school with better math, language, right values and social skills. These skills will help your child to do well in school and in life. And that’s the magic we create with the children here at Kidz Care Kastle Day Care Centre. We aim to provide a welcoming, caring and appropriate learning opportunity for all the children. We provide an environment that ensures nurturing happy and condent children. We are an institution dedicated to moulding or guiding of mental and physical development of the children. Kidz Care Kastle follows all the procedures set up by the regulatory bodies to ensure the utmost care and also deal with any emergencies. We also ensure that our admission practice provides opportunity for all. Kidz Care Kastle

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