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Welcoming My Daughter Into theWorld MY ANGEL

I am pleased to announce the birth of my daughter, Audrey Eliza Evans. She arrived on Dec. 15 and, now that we’re settled in, I want to dedicate this letter to her. Renee and I prepared for months, but it I didn’t really get it until after Audrey finally arrived. As I watched Audrey lying on my wife’s chest in the delivery room, it finally hit home: I’m a dad now. I am responsible for this little person all the time, and, quite frankly, that’s terrifying! It was surreal at first, but you get used to it quicker than you’d think. I’m an expert diaper changer at this point, and my bottle-feeding skills are the stuff of legend. Sure, there is a great deal of stress that comes with being a new parent. I have almost forgotten what a full night of sleep feels like. Plus, there’s the constant worry that I’m going to make a mistake and ruin her life forever. I’m really fortunate I have Renee with me. I didn’t realize how much my own parents must have gone through with me. Anyone who is a parent knows how different life becomes. I’ve heard people say having kids changes you, but I could never have predicted how profound these changes would be. Before they have kids, people might focus on all the downsides of raising children. I know I did. Kids cry, they wake you up at night, and you’ll have an extra burden of responsibility. What you don’t realize is all the positive things that come with being a parent, like the warmth that comes with holding your child in your arms or seeing them genuinely smile for the first time. I never knew I could be filled with so much love until Audrey came into my life. Of course, it helps that she’s super cute. “I never knew I could be filled with so much love until Audrey came into my life.”

My parents are also completely in love with her. She’s their first grandbaby, and they are over the moon. They came to stay with us for about 10 days after we brought her home, and Renee and I were really grateful for the extra help. We brought a new baby into a home already full with two dogs, and it was a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the dogs also fell in love with Audrey right away. We were a little nervous at first, but they’re the sweetest little Westies, and they’ve been really gentle with her.

Having Audrey is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. Honestly, I’ve wanted to be a dad ever since I was a kid. It’s a fulfilling and rewarding experience to finally have it happen. I’m excited for her to become more interactive with us. I want to get to know her personality and teach her the things dads need to teach their kids. Of course, before we know it, she’ll be in preschool. And then she’ll be in high school, and college, and getting married herself — okay, now I’m getting emotional.

I know life goes by pretty fast, so I’ll take advantage of the time I have with her and value each moment I can still hold her in my arms. –Dr. Seth Evans

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