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P romo V alid T hrough : 12/31/2020

Meet the New Standard in S houlder M illing

90° Purchase Receive


10 Inserts per Pocket

FREE of Charge!

a WEZ Milling Body



■ Features ● Supports Wide Range of Machining Operations Applicable to various machining applications, the cutter lineup includes diameters of .500” - 6.000” inch bodies (ø14 to ø160mm metric bodies), enabling large ramping angles. ● Excellent Machining Quality A combination of optimized cutting edge design and high-precision molding technology result in superb wall surface accuracy and surface nish quality. ● Outstanding Sharpness with Low Resistance Reduces machining noise and suppresses burrs. Lineup includes ground inserts with a focus on sharpness. ● ACU2500 General-purpose Grade for a Wide Range of Materials Introducing the new grade ACU2500, supports machining in a wide range of applications and materials (steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.) ■ Available WEZ Body Types: ✓ Shell Mill Type

■ Wide Range of Applications

Face Milling Shoulder Milling Side Milling Slot Milling

✓ Endmill Type ✓ Modular Type ✓ Lathe (Small Machine) Type

G rade : ACU2500

Plunge Cutting

Hole Expansion Drilling

Ramping Helical Milling

■ Chipbreaker Lineup


Work Material

S Type

L Type

G Type

H Type

F Type









11 Type Not Available






17 Type


Cutting Edge Strength

P romo V alid T hrough : 12/31/2020

Light Cutting Medium Finishing Low-burr design

Main Chipbreaker General-purpose to Interrupted Milling

Heavy Cutting Heavy interrupted machining Hardened Steel

Light Cutting Low-rigidity Milling


For Non-Ferrous Metals

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