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Meet a Dynamic Real Estate Duo

Francesca, as the owner’s cousin, could’ve probably skipped the line if she wanted to, but instead, she chose to work hard and learn the ins and outs of the business. I’ve always admired that in her, and when she got her license in 2016, I knew we could make a killer team. We’ve been working together ever since and began servicing the New Jersey market two years ago. For us, there is no profession more rewarding than real estate. Being able to work with people to help fulfill their dreams — and buying real estate is a dream come true for many people, especially in our neck of the woods — is extremely humbling. We take great pride in working with homebuyers and sellers of all types to help them feel comfortable and engaged throughout the process. We try to serve as the helping hand, guiding people toward a decision that will benefit their future. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what Ken and John do for their clients. Working with them is awesome because we share the same attitude about client service. No matter what we throw at them, be it a tough situation or a sale that’s contingent upon an estate matter, they handle it like it’s nothing. No matter what happens, they take it in stride and keep the interests of the client first. You don’t find folks as stand-up as Ken and John every day. When you do, you keep working with them. It’s just that simple. Outside of work, Francesca and I both happen to be planning weddings. I’m sure our fiancés (James for Francesca; Joe for me) love how much of an excuse that gives us to talk wedding details all the time and go shopping together. As people with a strong sense of family, we know how important a home is to the people who live in it. That, above all, is why we’re in real estate. You can learnmore about KristenandFrancesca by –Kristen Petino & Francesca Trunzo

Being able to serve clients in both New York and New Jersey, as well as handling both real estate and estate planning matters, makes us a unique firm. Navigating all of these junctions can be a tricky process, but it’s much easier when you work alongside capable professionals. Kristen Petino and Francesca Trunzo of Cangiano Estates are more than capable; they are an absolute joy to work with. Kristen also has a second gig with Mark A. Coller, our CPA, so we’ve worked with her on countless estate and trust matters over the years. Since I can’t say enough good things about these two on a personal and professional level, I figure I should just turn it over to them. I first met Ken and John through my work with Mark A. Coller, a CPA in Staten Island. After working with the team at Merlino & Gonzalez in that capacity for a number of years, my real estate partner, Francesca Trunzo, and I had the chance to work with them on a real estate transaction involving one of our clients at Cangiano Estates. It was as seamless a transaction as you could ever hope for. Since then, we’ve heartily recommended Merlino & Gonzalez any chance we get. We truly love working with them.

Francesca and I both have a long history in real estate. We both started off answering phones, doing scheduling, and helping out at firms in any way that we could. I’ve had my license in New York for 17 years, so I’ve got no shortage of experience in the market.





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