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A CASE THAT Defines Our Firm After being confronted with the medical malpractice, the chief of general surgery at the hospital began altering the medical reports associated with the case. With the help of the transcription department, the hospital changed several substantial details that adjusted the story in their favor. What ensued was an absolute war. Not just a war of words, either. The hospital slandered our team, consistently filed dismissals, and personally went after us. But there was no backing down, and we didn’t give an inch. We were determined to fight for our client, not just because of the

M edical negligence is a serious matter. When you have major procedures done, you want to have supreme trust in your doctor and their ability to safely operate on you. When we had the opportunity to help someone in a medical malpractice case, we put the gloves on and went to fight.

cruelty involved, but because of her character. Our client wasn’t driven by money or personal gains. She just wanted answers. When you hurt one of our clients and then try to cover it up, you’re going to get the full force of our firm. That’s exactly how we approached court. After going twelve rounds and beyond, the jury found negligence against the chief of general surgery and the hospital. They also ruled that the doctor acted in an untruthful manner in her post-surgical conduct and breached her fiduciary


Our client was faced with the unfortunate struggle many women face — breast cancer. After having a doctor inspect a lump on her breast, she needed a biopsy. Our client is an incredibly strong woman, but like anyone in this scenario, she was terrified of the possibility of what the lump would mean. She gave consent to operate and remove the tumor for a biopsy in hopes of good news. But the fear of cancer was just the beginning of the traumatic experience.

duty to the patient by adjusting the medical record in favor of the hospital. The hospital attempted to argue that they had simply edited the original report to reflect what had actually happened, not to change the records in their favor. The jury saw straight through it. We fought the whole way, side by side with a client who shared our passion for justice. We saw it as not only fighting for her, but also for the millions of other women who battle breast cancer every day. When we finally got an admission, we knew that the fight had been worthwhile. Our motto is “Serious injuries deserve serious experience.” That’s why we’re proud of our firm. We follow our motto with passion and veracious representation. This case is a great example of that. –Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

After the biopsy, it was discovered that our client had the wrong area operated on, and in fact the lump that was intended for the biopsy wasn’t removed at all. The nursing staff had committed a critical error when they marked the wrong area for operation. Not only did our client not receive any answers about what her lump meant, but no one would tell her how it happened. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 40,610 women died of breast cancer in 2017. The emotional distress anyone endures when faced with the possibility of a cancer is enough. But to have to endure a painful procedure only to end up with more questions and more fear is negligence in its worst form. The negligence didn’t stop there.

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