Coping with Traumatic Death

• Reinvest in life by reaching out to others. • Stay connected with people who are supportive and understanding. • Take care of your physical body, try to rest and eat well. If you are afraid to get better because you think

Cherish the memory of your loved one.

you might forget your loved one, know that you will never forget. You will always cherish the memory of your loved one. In time you

will remember the happy memories more often than the painful ones that fill your mind now. Eventually, you will be able to do those things you were able to do before the crash, including: • Solving problems and completing tasks in your daily work routine again; • Sleeping well and having energy again; • Feeling good enough about yourself to be hopeful about the rest of your life; • Being able to enjoy the pleasurable and beautiful things in life again. It won’t happen right away. For most people it takes years of hard work. But you will probably be able to achieve these in time.

For your own sake and for the sake of those who need you

You have control over

and love you, you have a responsibility to try to heal. You could not prevent the outcome of the substance impaired driving crash that killed your loved one. You can, however, control how how to live the rest of your life.


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