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March 2020

The Law Practice of Empathy An Introduction to Elder Law and Horacio Sosa

Whether you’ve been a client of ours for years or you’re brand-new, you’re picking up the newest version of our newsletter! Elder law is a newer practice area, which not too many people, or even attorneys, are familiar with. Because it’s not a well-understood field of law, I want to take this chance to explain elder law— not just what it is as a field of law practice, but also what it is to me as a person. Here’s something you’ll understand quickly once you get to know me: The practice of law runs deep in my blood. My great-grandparents, my grandparents, and my parents were all attorneys. Growing up I remember hearing things like: “Your parents are of such moral and ethical stature. You are probably very proud of them.” So, as a little kid, I understood the importance of being ethical and that reputation is very important. People praised my father because he wasn’t just a great lawyer but also a reputable judge. My father had a saying about law practice I think about every day: “Practicing law is about providing a service to the community.”To my father, a lawyer’s job didn’t stop at managing paperwork and profit margins. He would say, “You need to help people resolve whatever legal issues they have. You have to listen and be understanding about those needs.” Elder law is a sensitive area of practice. I’ll often hear frommy clients,“We’re going through such a nightmare.”Our clients are confused; they hear different versions of the solution from different people and often come to the first consultation very confused, looking for clarity. Their loved ones often experience critical issues during the final stages of their lives, such as decreasing mental or physical capability, financial instability, or exploitation. In this field, you’re not only disputing a claim of money, property, or assets; people’s livelihoods are involved, too. It’s a deeply emotional area of law.

an ABA accredited school, and then pass the bar exam. I made Florida my home in 2002. Since then, I’ve been working as a lawyer in different law firms until 2015 when I decided to open my law practice. I am very active with the Florida bar. In June of 2019, I became a Florida Bar Board Certified Attorney in Elder Law. Only 110 attorneys are certified by the Florida bar, of which only 25 are certified in the counties we practice in (Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach). I’m also the current chair of the estate planning and probate committee within the Florida bar’s elder law section. We constantly work supporting or rejecting legislation that affects our practice areas. If you or a loved one are looking for an elder law attorney, we know how difficult this time can be. If you need to ask me questions, then I’ll dedicate all the time we need. Call our office for a free case consultation at 954-532-9447. Let us fight for you and secure your family’s future.

In elder law, it’s our job to listen to our clients’ nightmares and ask important questions. What does your future look like? How can we bring peace of mind to your family? It’s a law practice marked by listening and empathizing. We have to consider everything in terms of caregivers, government benefits, payment resources, and age-related illnesses. Sometimes it requires bringing in other professionals, such as doctors and psychiatrists, or hiring caregivers and full-time aides. Elder law is a multidisciplinary practice area. Listening and empathizing are things my father’s law practice imbued in me, and they fuel my passion for the field. I went to law school twice: once in Paraguay and once in the United States. Once I graduated from law school in Paraguay, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to pursue post-graduate education in the United States. During that process, I met my wife and together we decided to form a family and stay in the United States. To do so, I first needed to obtained my Juris Doctor from

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