Focus on Redmond - Winter 2018

Volume XXXII No. 4 Winter 2018


The Proposed Biennial Budget Aligns with CommunityValues

2017-2018 Commmunity in Focus


invest in our employees through training, compensation, and succession planning to allow us to better serve the community Safety Maintain our safe community and enhance community character Vibrant Economy Support Redmond’s robust local economy, businesses, and job growth The City’s commitment to community involvement on priority projects and the budget continues through the Civic Results Team made up of twelve community members; the most we’ve had in any biennium. Their involvement and feedback guided the draft budget toward programs the residents and businesses value most. To set Redmond up for a bright, safe and healthy future, this budget focuses on our environmental efforts through increasing our tree canopy, creating a position to concentrate on our Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan and creating zero waste initiatives. A capital investment of $500,000 annually, a 66% increase, will be committed to the ongoing goal of providing affordable housing for Redmond residents. In this year-end issue of Focus,

On Tuesday evening, October 2, 2018,

Preventing FoodWaste


I presented the proposed 2019-

2020 Biennial Budget to the Redmond City Council. As Redmond

Be Prepared for WinterWeather


Mayor John Marchione

enters one of the most transformative phases of its evolution, the budget prepares us to support this transition by building on the vision for managing growth, connection to the community, and fiscal health. The biennial budget utilizes the six priorities identified by the community in 2008 and re-confirmed with the residents by annual surveys. The priorities and the goals for each are: Diverse & Connected Community Enhance our outreach and inclusive support of our global and connected community Infrastructure Preserve what we have to help prepare us for the future Responsible Government Improve processes, systems, and Clean and Green Continue to advance our environmental stewardship

Sound Transit Light Rail Update


Council Notes


Parks & Recreation


we have reflected on a few of the transformative priority projects that have been completed in the 2017- 2018 budget cycle and the positive impact they have each had on our community.

John Marchione Mayor, City of Redmond

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