Focus on Redmond - Winter 2018

Customer Service Center A new and improved customer experience Launched Spring 2018

Neighborhood Conversations A new way to meet with elected officials Five meetings took place in 2017-2018 Having originated in 2016, neighborhood conversations welcome community members to join their neighbors and elected officials & share what’s on their mind. Locations change reaching various neighborhoods around the City. Increase in Affordable Housing A new tool to create more afforable housing Ordinace approved by Council July 18, 2017 The Multifamily Property Tax Exemption Program (MFTE) is one of many ways the City incentivizes the construction of new affordable units. In one year, over 80 new affordable dwelling units have been created through this program at greater levels of affordability.

A new Customer Service Center at City Hall assists visitors with services, information, and meeting room accommodations. Additionally, a service request tool was launched on the City’s website and via a mobile app called “Your Redmond.” Cultural Inclusion Resolution City Council and the Mayor prioritize inclusive practices Resolution passed January 17, 2017 The resolution affirms the City’s commitment to welcoming and engaging with all community members and visitors. The City is committed to the principles of inclusiveness and incorporating diversity into every part of its operations.


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