Focus on Redmond - Winter 2018

Play Tic-Tac-Toe to Reduce Food Waste!

Win a FREE Chinook Book!

Nearly 25% of the food we buy doesn’t get eaten. Help our environment and save money by keeping food from going to waste! How to participate: Try new ways to keep food from going to waste. 1.Cross off three in a row on this board. 2.Send a photo of your board to . 3.Win a free 12-month Chinook

Make an “eat first” box

Create a meal plan and grocery list with quantities needed

Track what you have in the fridge using a whiteboard

or shelf for foods that need to be eaten soon

Other ways you are preventing food waste:

Freeze what you can’t finish in meal-sized portions

I/We pledge to keep food from going to waste

Book app subscription with coupons to over 600 local

businesses (supplies are limited and will be distributed in January 2019).

Try out a new recipe that uses leftovers/ingredients you have on-hand

Share excess food with friends, family and neighbors

Start a weekly “leftovers night”

Check off everything? Get entered to win a free cooking class at Redmond PCC.

City Hall Attains EnviroStars “Champion” Level

business. This award recognizes the City’s efforts to reduce waste through recycling and composting; conserve water through irrigation and drought-resistant landscaping; and incentivize the use of alternative modes of transportation for employees. Redmond City Hall is also an Energy Star certified building and a participant in Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power Program, and it has a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver

accreditation. The EnviroStars program provides a one-stop hub for businesses to get assistance and recognition for environmentally sustainable actions. EnviroStars links businesses to local programs and incentives that help them take green actions. Participating businesses receive recognition for their efforts that protect their workplace, the community, and the environment.

Mayor John Marchione and Tally Young

As part of a regional green business program, Redmond City Hall has received the distinction of a Champion Level EnviroStars


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