Focus on Redmond - Winter 2018

Be Prepared for Winter Weather The City of Redmond is committed to keeping roadways safe and passable, no matter what winter has in store for us. Whether it’s clearing trees and limbs that fall in a windstorm, plowing snow, or pre-treating roads before an overnight frost, our crews are ready to respond around the clock.

SNOW & ICE We use a preemptive approach whenever possible. When an overnight freeze is forecast that could result in slippery roads for the morning commute, we apply liquid calcium de-icer to prevent frost from adhering to the road surface. If the snow starts falling, our four large snow plows clear arterial roadways while applying mixtures of calcium chloride, road salt, and sand, depending on surface conditions. To avoid road closures, we clear one lane in each direction of all priority plow routes before coming back and clearing the rest of the road. We always plow snow from left to right to avoid creating large piles in the center of roads. Please be aware that we only plow neighborhood streets after all priority plow routes are completely cleared. These routes prioritize access to emergency facilities, schools, and routes in and out of town. They can be viewed at .

HOW YOU CAN HELP • Avoid driving or plan ahead! • Allow extra time, and bring warm clothes and emergency supplies. • Familiarize yourself with our priority plow route map so you know the best way to get where you need to go. • Leave plenty of room for trucks to operate. Material spreaders can distribute sand and de-icers across three lanes at once. While plowing from left to right is the most efficient way to clear roads, it can result in piles of snow along the edges of roadways. We ask homeowners to clear these piles from their driveways and private roads so our plows can continue to work efficiently.

WIND EVENTS Our staff arborists work year-round to identify and remove trees that pose a risk of falling in the road or on sidewalks. However, as last winter proved, even healthy trees can fall or drop limbs when faced with strong winds. When this happens, our crews will respond immediately to secure the area and clear the debris from the roads and sidewalks.

HOW YOU CAN HELP Trees and limbs that fall on overhead utility lines can only be removed by licensed contractors. This ensures the safety of the public and our workers. Never approach or touch a downed wire! When a private tree falls, our crews will remove it from the right of way to keep roads and sidewalks safe and useable. However, property owners are responsible for removing the debris from their trees. Please avoid placing debris in the roadway, as this can cause street flooding and slows the progress of our street sweepers.

SAFETY REMINDERTIPS It’s also an important time of year to share these reminders with your neighbors, friends, and family: • Do not use BBQ grills indoors • Put new batteries in your smoke detectors and CO2 alarms • Have flashlights on hand with new batteries


Follow @CityofRedmond for road closure and winter weather response View Redmond’s priority plow route map at Stay current on power outages at

Report any issues to the City by visiting or download the “Your Redmond“ mobile app for iOS or Android.


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