Building Air Quality February 2019

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Marketing Starts Right Next Door

I’ve been with Bohannon Development Corporation since 1999. We’re a family-owned business working primarily in the apartment industry to develop, build, and manage apartment communities. Prior to joining the company, I was in banking. Bohannon Development Corporation was actually one of my clients when I worked for the bank, and joining the team seemed like a natural progression for me. I know many people would think it’s crazy to leave the security of a big banking job in favor of a small development company that might not have been as steady, but it was the best choice for me. I’d known the people at Bohannon for a while, I enjoyed working with them, and I was ready for a new challenge. It’s been over 20 years, and I’ve never looked back. My business card reads “Executive Vice President,” but we’re a small operation, so regardless of the title, everyone does a little bit of everything. It can be crazy depending on where we are in the project cycle, but it’s a satisfying challenge. Every project demands blood, sweat, and tears, but when it’s done and you get to see how all your effort came together, it’s worth it.

Whether you’re the CEO of a major tech-savvy corporation or the receptionist for a freelance coal miner, your eyes should be set on your next marketing move in this digital age. While spinning signs on sidewalks and flying banners from the backs of airplanes may be considered staples of public outreach to some, the tides are shifting to more targeted ways of reaching your future clientele. Virtually any business can benefit from utilizing hyperlocal advertising and its many strategic facets. Hyperlocal advertising refers to the process of hyper- specific or niche marketing campaigns implemented for a certain focus area. This can manifest in many comprehensive forms, depending on the specific needs of the business. A local “mom and pop” restaurant may choose to take advantage of hyperlocal advertising by sending ads to potential customers within a 5-mile radius during the hours they are most likely to be hungry, on their lunch breaks, or when they are otherwise free to stop in for a bite to eat. Alternatively, a major car dealership in a metropolitan area could target their potential audience by running ads during local professional sports games. So how does this work for YOUR business? It all depends on your desired campaign for your targeted region. Assuming you’re well-informed about your current demographics or the demographics you’re hoping to reach, there are several methods to effectively implement hyperlocal advertising tactics. By using GPS and IP addresses, you’ll be able to target ads to specific cities, streets, and even buildings by inputting their coordinates. After you’ve narrowed it down, you can choose which areas work best for your goals. A mechanic shop expanding to a new city may cast a wider net, while a high-end jeweler may target areas with higher incomes. With hyperlocal strategies, your advertisements can be catered on a variety of digital platforms, like social media, streaming services, and apps. These new-age technologies will give you more exposure and patronage for your ever-expanding business! Protecting the Built Environment



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