VCSELs Brochure

Precise Productive Plasma We are an established supplier in the 3D sensing supply chain and our solutions support excellent electro optical performance at maximum yield. We applied our processing know how to enable device cost and performance and maximize production of good die per day.

Market leading solution for front end processing of GaAs based VCSEL

Reliable and precise processing enabled by extremely low footing on sloped and vertical mesa combined with fully automated endpoint. 

Clean surface allowing smooth sidewalls with to damage transfer to mesa.

Dense mask deposited at high throughput.

Mesa mask deposition – hardmask PlasmaPro 100 PECVD

P contact fabrication

Mesa mask patterning PlasmaPro 100 Cobra

DBR mesa etch

Mesa mask removal PlasmaPro 100 Cobra


PlasmaPro 100 Cobra

VCSEL IR Emitters 2

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