NAARI | Jan-Mar 2021

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Women of the zenana playing Holi, Lucknow or Faizabad,

1760 í 70 Opaque

%88-6)8)%1)(94;-8,)'0)'8-'.);)00)6=A%2(43686%=)( We know very l i t t l e abo‘ any of these women pˆt rayed in miniat‡es wh’her  is Mughal ˆ Rajp‘. The so-ca ed pˆt ras, where a paied woman h a name aached, e very re since tis had no a—e…to the˜ subje‰s. MANY OF THE FEMALE IMAGES EMBODY CONCEPTS SUCH AS RAGINIS OR SEASONS, WHICH WAS THE TREND IN THOSE DAYS – J P LOSTY, ART HISTORIAN AND AUTHOR pigments and gold on paper Painting 17.5 x 22.8 cm

A princess at her toilette Bundi, c.1790 Opaque pigments and gold on paper Folio 32 x 23 cm

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