7 Tips for Saving Money When Buying Promotional Products

TIP #5


We know, all your prospects, customers, staff and donors are awesome. But some might be more awesome than others.

Maybe they are a top-level client, a high net worth donor and a long- standing staff member. Too often we see people treat their promotional merchandise programs through a separate lens. The strategic approach you use in other parts of your business can be applied to your promotional merchandise as well. Consider the typical trade show scenario. We often get calls at the last minute from folks looking for 2500 things for $1.00 per unit . We use that as a prompt to ask a simple question – WHY? Is the best scenario having 2500 low cost items at your booth? If your number one client swings by, do you hand them something worth a dollar? Does your top donor sign a contribution check with a pen you’d find in a hotel room? Consider splitting your budget to match your customer, prospect and donor segments. That $2500 budget could be better served with 100 gorgeous $15 journal books for your top tier people, $500 on a prize to drive traffic to your booth and $1000 on lower cost items to get your name in front of the ‘masses’. Promotional products done well create an emotional connection to your brand so you want to make sure you are sending the right message to the right people at the right time.


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