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You will want the NEW and ENLARGED Edition o f “A copy of this won­ derful Bible Should be in every home.” Milton S. Reese, D. D. Any one able to read, can understand the deepest truths with the aid of this work. It is self-interpret­ ing. Full of unex­ pected information on interesting sub- j e c t s. Especially teaches truths that apply to home life a n d problems of young people. Thompson’s ChainReference Bible

Send Coupon for Free Book At great expen se, we have prepared an unusually attractive booklet, printed in two colors, illustrating and describing features of the Chain Reference Bible. A copy of this book sent without charge to any one interested. Fill in and mail coupon below or post card. This book contains sam­ ple pages of the Bible with clippings and reproductions of Bible R e a d in g s, Bio­ graphical Analyses, Con­ trasted Subject Headings, Historical Data and all the other remarkable features of this great Bible. Every Bible lover, teach er or preacher will profit by reading this book. SEND COUPON FOR YOUR COPY TODAY!

Because it helps you find the Truths you seek and it makes their meaning clear— Because it turns the Searchlight of Knowledge and Understanding on the pages o f HOLY SCRIPTURE. A BIBLE LIBRARY IN ONEVOLUME. This is the only Bible published that gives you complete in one volume the full Bible Text, Authorized Version, and a comprehensive reference library. In addition to the Old and New Testament, there are 3200 full columns of Reference Data and Bible helps, or the equal of over 800 pages. CHAIN REFERENCES B H B B thought, topic or character straight through the^ Bible. Thompson’s Chain Reference System is the ONLY one in exis­ tence that has entirely done away with the letters and figures and confusing signs used in the text of all ^other reference Bibles. Topics in the margin of the page are in perfect align­ ment with the thoughts contained in the verses. EXPOSITORY SYSTEM. analyzed into topics— some verses into as many as seven thought subjects. These are printed in the reference column directly opposite to the verse. These topics or subjects are both suggestive and expository. They express the main thought of the verse, thus throwing light on deep and hidden truths. T P V T P V P I A D m i A Just what the words im- 1 L A 1 L l L L U r L U l A . ply— an encyclopedia of Bible texts and related information grouped and classified under eaoy subject headings. A condensed reference library in itself. Nothing like it ever attempted before. It is the fruit of fifteen years of devoted effort. Combines all the ref­ erence chains of over 100,000 individual references, each chain complete under its topic, together with general Bible information, dictionary material, biographical study of Bible characters, series of Bible readings and comprehensive treat­ ment of doctrines, places, manners and customs. SENT ON FREE TRIAL. H B B B After t h r e e days trial, if you wish to return the Bible for any reason, your money will be promptly refunded, plus postage. D D r r contains sample Bible pages and D lV j MT R L E fujj description. Don’t buy any Bible until you have our illustrated book and are familiar with the exclusive features of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible. M A IL COUPON NOW B. B. KIRKBRIDE BIBLE CO. RI8R Meridian Life Building, Indianapolis, Ind.


derstand their privileges and duties better after half an hour with selec­ tions under such head­ ings in Text Cyclopedia as: “Business Engage­ ments*’, “Capital a n d Labor**, “Discipline and C h i 1d r e n”, “Family Troubles”, etc. The busi­ ness woman, housewife or Mother goes about her tasks with lighter heart when a few minutes reading has given her a clearer idea of what the B i b l e teaches on s u c h subjects as “Woman’s Minis-


^ try”, “Crowning Qualities of womanhood , “Duty of Husbands”, “Busy-bodies”, “Three­ fold Duty of Life,’* “Love,” etc. THE BIBLE FOR THE BUSY PREACHER “I regard the Chain Reference Bible as one of the best possible tools for the workman in the Divine Carpenter Shop,** M. P. Boyn­ ton, D. D.

Marion Lawrence “My Chain Reference Bi­ ble is a delight. Topical Bible Study is here re­ duced to a science and yet simple enough for Junior Scholars.”

“Bob” Jones, Evangelist “Every department is perfect. 1 wish I could influence every Christian , in America to purchase! one of these Bibles.”

Solves the problem of too many books and a desk littered with commentaries, references, etc. Gives you everything in one volume.

B. B. Kirkbride BibleCo., K.18R Meridian Life Bldg., Indianapolis, indiana. Send me free of charge a copy of Book describ­ ing and giving prices of Chain-Reference Bibles. □ I am interested in becom in g y o u r representa­ tiv e in m y locality. □ I am n ot interested in becom in g y o u r repre­ sentative in m y loca lity. (P lease ch eck one) Name ....................................................,...... Address ............ .................................................................. C ity an d State ............--- - - ■ - -- .............

CHR I ST I AN REPRE S ENTA T I VE W A N T E D | M $10.00 to $50.00 spareHime $50.00 to $150.00 M M

This “ Bible Library in one volume” Is not sold in stores. The same commission is paid represen­ tatives that stores get for gelling other Bibles. All inquiries from your territory are forwarded to you and sales from them are given full credit to you. Many representatives are making the amounts given above—you can do the same. Only one rep­ resentative allowed in a community, so mail coupon now to be sure of this privilege in your own vicinity.

No one but earnest Christian workers need apply for the position of representative of the Chain- Reference Bible. Its sale is distinctly a service for our Lord and Master, since it helps others to know His will and teachings. Hundreds of people in your neighborhood know that they cannot live on bread alone, but from every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” These people will quickly buy a Chain-Reference when it is shown to them that this “ bread of life” can more easily be gotten from it.


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